Why You Are Not Getting Engagement In Your Reels

Why You Are Not Getting Engagement In Your Reels

Here’s a scenario, you upload a Reel. It gets quite a good number of views but you’re not getting the engagement, whether it is likes or comments. I get it as I have definitely experienced that. 

Today, we’re going to dive deeper into why that is happening and ways you can easily implement to get more engagement on your Reels. 

Here are three key reasons why no one is engaging and some simple solutions that you can implement now:


This helps you craft your message so that you can speak to that one person. When you do this, your ideal client can resonate and want to engage more with you on your Reels. 


There are three things when it comes to CTA:

  1. You don’t have a call-to-action. You need to guide your audience on the next step of action you want them to do. It’s just human nature that if you don’t tell someone what to do, they’re not going to do anything. 
  2. Your call to action is not a call to engagement. Your call to engagement is getting them to comment or to like. If your call to action is “Download Now”, then they will hit your link in your bio to download the freebie. There won’t be any engagement if that is what your call-to-action is about.
  3. You have too many CTAs. I have seen this and I get it. I know you want to maximise your posts, but by doing that, you’re letting your audience be overwhelmed and end up not wanting to do any of the CTAs that you’ve asked them to do.

Imagine having three CTAs on your posts. “Comment below how you feel about this?”, “Download the freebie, the link is in my bio” and “Share this with someone who needs to see this today”. 

Here’s the truth, even though I’ve included a call to action in my posts, there’s way too many of them and I would definitely not be getting any engagement. 

You have to understand that Instagram is a social platform where people are on the platform to see what their family and friends are up to or what’s new with their favourite content creator. But not with the intention of wanting to engage with posts.

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You have to make it as simple as possible. When it comes to your call to action, remember the K.I.S.S method – Keep it Simple, Stupid! I’m not calling anyone stupid but just for you to easily remember to keep things simple. 

We live in a world today where people are telling you, “I’m busy, I don’t have the time” so your call-to-action must be very easy to get them to take action. Don’t let your audience think of what they have to do. 

At the end of each post, add a one-liner call to action. Here are some examples to help with engagement:

  • Comment Yes, if you agree. 
  • Drop your favorite emoji if this resonates. 
  • Is this you? Yes or No? Comment below. 

Ensure that your call-to-action is not an open-ended question, because you can’t expect your audience to write a paragraph to engage with your Reels.



According to Wikipedia, the Law of Reciprocity in social psychology is a social norm of responding to a positive action with another positive action, rewarding kinds of actions. 

It is also a good practice when it comes to your business and in life. This means that if you want people to comment on your Reels, you should do the same. It is as simple as that – comment on other reels, create the conversation and build that relationship. 

All you have to do is take five minutes from your day, look through your ideal client’s Reels and leave a meaningful comment. Don’t leave a string of emojis because it simply doesn’t make sense. It will not help you create a conversation or build a relationship. 

Imagine yourself being out in the real world, how you would engage in a conversation like in a networking event? You’re not going to do the smiley face and peace sign, right? When it comes to commenting and engaging, it’s best to be interested in what they have to share.

To deepen the relationship, engage in their stories too like answering polls, IGTV then finally, slide into their DMs and just be natural. It’ll come with so much flow and ease. 

Give the engagement to your audience, it all starts with you. 

Here’s a recap of why you’re not getting engagement on your reels. 

  1. Know your audience
  2. Call-to-action
  3. The law of reciprocity

There you have it! Three key reasons why no one is engaging, and the simple solutions that you can implement today. 

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