Why Adopting A CEO Mindset Matters

Our mindset either powers or disempowers us. Our belief systems directly affect our behaviour.


Your mindset plays a dramatic role in your success in business and in life. Let’s do some mindset shifts that can truly change the outcome of your business when implementing social media especially on Instagram.



Now I’m going to talk about why mindset is so important for your business to be able to succeed with social media. I’m going to present to you the three different scenarios that you might be experiencing at the moment.




So the first one is that you are in the mindset of I’m going to do this all on my own. Well, there’s no big issue if you’re going to do all this on your own.



But here are a few things that you need to consider when you are going to do social media on your own. The first thing is time. Do you have the time to do all of this? And how much time is this going to take you because the most important thing at the end of the day is that you are focusing on your zone of genius.



So this means that you have to focus on what you are good at and the money-making tasks instead of spending all of your time doing the research online on how to succeed with social media.



If you are someone who is going through a situation where you’re spending so much time researching online for the number one strategy on how to get more clients for the business or how to grow your Instagram account, then you’re doing it all wrong.



And then the next thing is that you are following a few social media coaches, you’ve done all of the challenges, you have done all of the checklists to the tee BUT you’re still not getting the results you’re hoping for.



You’re simply doing a trial and error method of every single coach who has a different method of doing things. This is where you need to change your mindset, you need to shift it.




Are you in a mindset where you are just going to wing it with no strategy involved and just see how it goes whether the clients and growth comes in or not.

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And then the third scenario is that social media doesn’t work for me. Now you have to bear this in mind. Social media works but it does not work in an instant.



You need to give it time because you need to understand at which stage your business is in when it comes to social media. This is because your content and message at every phase of the business is different.

  • Is it brand awareness where you’re trying to create visibility?
  • Is it building a connection and just simply engaging with your ideal client?
  • Or are you in a stage where you are trying to convert your warm audiences into actual sales?



So social media does work, but you do need to give it some time. Social media has evolved over time.




What I’m going to be sharing with you, will help take you to the next level in your business…It’s time to flip the script and adopt a growth mindset.



Is social media an expense or is it an investment? 

I want you to make the mindset shift today. If this is not your zone of genius, there are only two ways to do this.

  1. You can invest in a step-by-step course and do it on your own
  2. OR you can invest in a coach that will help and guide you



Don’t walk this path alone and try to figure things out. Time is precious. And what you don’t have is time as a new business owner, your fixed monthly expenses are running. So you need to focus on your zone of genius and all of the money-making tasks at hand.



If you notice, I have been using the word invest because social media is indeed an investment. When you do get the leads, clients and sales – that is a return on investment. It is something that you are going to be paying for at the very beginning with a result in return.



This year alone, I have invested almost up to 5 figures on courses, coaching and conferences.



Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do for your business. You will then have the basic fundamentals that you are able to pass on when you outsource at a later stage.



Or if you are hiring a full-time Social Media Manager, this is something that you already know at hand and you are able to pass it on to that person.



The mindset shift today that you are going to take away is that social media is an investment and not an expense. And with this mindset shift, you are heading in the right direction for success.



Now, go forth and be SUPER because you are limitless!



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