What You Need To Know About Instagram Reels

What You Need To Know About Instagram Reels

OMG! The wait is over. Instagram Reels has finally launched!

What is Instagram Reels?

According to Instagram, Reels is a new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram. Record and edit 15-second multi-clip videos with audio, effects, and new creative tools. The feature is now available in Australia and is being made available across 50 other countries.

Does this mean we are saying bye to Tik Tok?

How It Works



You can record a 15 second video in a series of clips (one at a time), all at once or using video uploads from your gallery.

Step 1: Open up Instagram Stories

Tap on the camera icon that is located on the top left corner on the Instagram platform

Step 2: Locate the Reels feature at the bottom right

You can find it next to the “STORY” feature

Step 3: Select Audio

If you would like to add music to your video, select the audio and pick the music you would like to use. There is a “search music” option for you to find the music or you can record your original audio using your voice if you’re looking to talk in the video.

Step 4: Select Speed

There are 5 speeds to choose from.

Step 5: Select An Effect

Tap the filter effect. You can choose from the effects that are located at the bottom  just like you would when doing Stories.

Step 6: Set A Timer

The timer allows you to record hands free otherwise you have to hold the button down during the time of the recording. The timer is only available at 3 seconds and you can choose how long you want to record this clip for.

Step 7: Record

You need to hold down the center button with the Reels icon to record and simply release it to stop recording.

TIP: Use the “timer” feature so that you need to hold the button down. 

Step 8: Edit

Now you can add stickers, draw and add text like you normally would to an Instagram Story. You can save the video down but the downside is that there will be no audio. So it is hard to repurpose the content when you create inside of Reels.

You can save your Reels as drafts if you need to edit at a later stage. Locate your drafts by simply navigating to the REELS tab on your profile page.

Step 9: Share your Reel

As usual, add a caption, hashtags and edit your cover photo!  You can select a frame from your Reel OR add an image from your camera roll

Share your Reel to your Feed or Story!  Share your Reel to your Instagram Story or send to friends in a direct message. You can even choose to not not share it on your feed.

You can locate your REELS at profile under the REELS tab.

Instagram Reels For Business

The Instagram Story feature has taken off for many businesses. So imagine having to use Instagram Reels where you are able to reach a whole new audience. Your Reels (may) show up on users’ Explore pages and just like that, they’ll be able to tap the follow button right away.

Here’s what you need to do…

👉 Create Authentic Content

Show a more human side of you and your business, a part of you that your audience have yet to see.

👉 Share Bite-Sized Valuable Content

It can be educational content or based on the content pillars you have created for your business

👉 Talk About Your Offers

Yes! Let your audience know what services you have and how you can help them

First Impression + My Take

The feature is similar to the app Tik Tok. If you are already on Instagram and crushing it on Stories, IGTV, Live videos then using Instagram Reels is a no-brainer.

I’ve definitely experienced more reach after uploading my first Reel. Instagram Reels is a new way to build your community and grow your reach on Instagram. It is a creative opportunity for your business to tap into a world of new audiences.

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