What We Can All Learn From An Instagram Star With 2 Million Followers Who Couldn’t Sell 36 T-Shirts

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  1. Vanity Metrics Don’t Matter – 2.6 million followers is a lot and you might just be thinking, “Well that’s great, I’m going to make a ton of sales!”. Well, an average conversion rate is anywhere between 2% – 5%. So, if you have a following of that number, based on a 2% conversion rate, she would have an estimated of 52, 000 fans buying from her. So that would be an approximate of 52,000 t-shirts if every fan bought one piece. She couldn’t even sell 36 t-shirts! So what does that mean? The numbers don’t matter!  
  2. Strategy – It’s good to have a strategy in place. Having one or two posts to sell a product or service won’t make the cut. There was a lack of a promotion and related content. In the world of advertising and marketing, there’s a rule known as “The Seven Times Factor”. Research shows that a potential customer needs to see your content at least 7 times before a purchase is made. In this era, it may very well be more than 7 times!  
  3. Personal Branding – Sell products or services that is related to your personal brand otherwise it will result in little to no sales. People know, like and trust you for what you have been sharing on your social platform.



If you’re a business owner looking to generate more sales or leads, it’s time to do a quick audit of your Instagram account by doing the following:



  • Stop stressing over the number of followers
  • Create a simple strategy of when and what to post with good captions that encourages engagement
  • Check that you are creating relevant posts related to your brand



Do it now, take action so that you can sell more than 36 items of your products or services.



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