Top Tips To Batch Your Reels FAST

Top Tips To Batch Your Reels FAST

I’ve previously shared my process of how to batch create the content for Instagram Reels. But today it is going to be different. I’m going to be sharing with you tips on how you can actually batch create your Reels fast.



I’m a firm believer in being visible but without the burnt-out. Having less time to focus on your zone of genius or money-generating activities, or just completely scraping this off your Instagram strategy and most importantly, not taking away the fun in your business.



If you’re not having fun, then you will most likely not want to do this anymore. But because I’ve actually experienced how Reels can make a difference in my business, I don’t want you to miss out on any opportunities out there.



Recently, I’ve been on coaching calls and one of the common questions that consistently came up is how do I create Reels without having to spend hours on creating them. From what I’m hearing, it takes about one to two hours to create anywhere between two to three Reels. 



I do agree that is quite a bit of time and so this is why I’m sharing with you my top tips to batch your Reels fast. 



#1: Research

When you’re watching a Reel, and there is something that is of inspiration, you can look down towards the bottom of the Reel and you will see the title of the music where you can tap on it and save down the music to use it for later. That’s one way to make it quicker for you when you want to start creating the actual Reel.



Another one is to create a list of Instagram Reels ideas. You can copy and paste the link and have a title or headline that you can think of but it doesn’t have to be perfect. 



Here’s a super tip! You can have an Instagram Reels planner to keep you organised. You’re able to execute it fast without fumbling around. You can either create this in Google Sheets, Docs, or even on Canva whichever suits you best. 



In my upcoming Reels course, I have the perfect planner that will help you plan and organise your Reels from start to finish. I’m giving this away as a bonus so stay tuned for that! You can join the waitlist here:



#2: Set a date and put that in your calendar

Select a day and schedule a specific time that you’ve blocked out for you to start filming your Reels. I would suggest that you block out anywhere between two to four hours and aim to create at least 12 reels. 



Create at least a minimum of 12 Reels but if you can create more than that within the timeframe that you have blocked out then it’s time to pop the champagne for celebrating your commitment and consistency in creating your Reels.



#3: Create the Reels 

When it comes to creating the Reel, have your outfits ready if you are going to have outfit changes, whether it is for transitions or in between your Reels. 



Apart from that, you need to save a backup because sh*t happens like if you have a glitchy looking Reel but don’t delete that if that has been uploaded. You can recreate the original Reel to repurpose it on to other channels. 



If you are going to repurpose a glitchy looking Reel, there’s no point in repurposing that video because your text has gone all weird. That has happened to me, it’s either gone too big, or it’s all scrunched up and people can’t read the text. 



Another thing, drafts can disappear overnight and Iif you reinstall the app. No worries as you can repurpose your back up original Reel. There are times when you download that it doesn’t come together with a song which is great so you can use this with a different song and a different message. 



When it comes to my process of creating cover photos, I take multiple photos in one outfit to be used for several Reels.



For my brand, I only wear about six same outfits with the majority of it being pink. It’s intentional, not because those are the only six outfits that I have but because I want to be memorable. You will immediately know it is me even without seeing my handle. 



With those photos that I’ve taken, I open up Instagram Stories, and insert the headline, save down the image. It’s as simple as that. You can also take a screenshot of your Reel and upload that onto stories and insert a headline. 



You can create your cover photo in Canva but just don’t go down the rabbit hole of trying to create that perfect cover photo. Stop spending hours on that and just make it simple yet get your message out straight there.



You can also use Instagram Stories. There’s the option that Instagram has provided where you can select your cover photo from pre-selected frames that it has provided. But sometimes it’s just not with the headline on it or it is not clear. This is why I prefer to create my own cover photo.



#4: Get your captions ready

You can only upload your Instagram Reels manually (as of writing this) so have all your captions ready for you to upload. It should only take you about five minutes to get all of that done. 



When it comes to writing captions, bear in mind that you need to know the purpose of your posts. It should give clarity, captivate, connect, or convert. When you’re clear with the purpose of the posts, then you will know what to write exactly for your caption. 



Here’s the recap of my top tips to batch your Reels fast. 

  1. Research
  2. Set a date and put it down in your calendar
  3. Create the reels
  4. Write your captions

There you have it, my top tips to batch your Reels FAST.



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