Top 5 Instagram Hashtag Tips For Explosive Growth

Have you been wondering why you’re not getting the visibility and engagement on Instagram even when you have been using hashtags?



It is most likely you have not been using hashtags in the best way. Let me share with you my Top 5 Instagram Hashtag Tips.



1️⃣ Make use of the NUMBER of hashtags allowed by Instagram



Instagram allows the usage of a maximum of 30 hashtags. So, use all 30 if you can! But… if you think that 15 hashtags are already enough, then go for it. Don’t try to keep adding more if you can’t find anymore hashtags. Use hashtags with specificity and those that represent your content well.



2️⃣ Use RELEVANT hashtags



Make sure that your hashtags make sense. If you are posting about your offer for example, it would be inappropriate to use #life or #love. Simply because your post is neither about life nor love. You should use hashtags that are relevant to the post you have shared and avoid using non-related trending hashtags.



It’s also best to group your hashtags according to certain categories. I suggest starting with 5 categories. Here are some examples: Entrepreneurship, Business, Lifestyle, Family and Inspirational. Create hashtags for each category so that the next time you post you can choose and copy from your list. Be mindful of which category your post falls under.



PS. Rotate your usage of hashtags between each post because Instagram might see it as “spammy” when you use the same hashtags on all posts.



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Use hashtags that has a decent size. Don’t try to use big hashtags because your post will be pushed down the feed within seconds. Instead, aim to be on the first top 9 posts in the hashtag group. To do this, niche down your hashtags and look for those that have 100k posts or less. Don’t be tempted to use those having millions of posts as yours won’t have a spot on both the TOP and RECENT posts.



Be more intentional and strategic in choosing your hashtags. Choose hashtags that will resonate with your ideal audience. You may even spend a little of your time to research for hashtags that your target audience are using on a daily basis. This gives you a better chance to be seen and even better, to be followed.



You may also use industry-specific hashtags or local hashtags to reach like-minded people and within your community.



It’s all a matter of knowing who your ideal client is or who you want to reach out to.  



4️⃣ Minimise research time with a Hashtag TOOL



Manual research can take up a lot of time. So, if you don’t have the luxury of spending hours to look for relevant hashtags, use a tool that can help and suggest hashtags. Drop me a message if you would like to know which is my go-to hashtag research tool. It has helped me save time for sure!



5️⃣ Hashtags to AVOID



You might not be getting the reach you want because the hashtag you used is banned. Be sure not use banned hashtags.


To find out if a hashtag is banned, type a hashtag on the search bar and if you see a notification that says the following…






Tip: If you’re doing hashtag research manually, do the research on the phone app as banned hashtags does not appear on the desktop at present.



And there you go, my TOP 5 Hashtag Tips For Instagram For Explosive Growth. Comment “YES” to let me know if this been helpful to you.

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