The Ultimate IGTV Strategy That Wins Clients

The introduction of IGTV has become a game-changer not only for Instagram but for the business arena. It has transformed the platform from a photographic sharing space into a video-sharing one.



Video marketing is huge on Instagram and a lot of brands are now creating video content in IGTV to drive business results. Noticeably, you will find an IGTV tab prominently placed on Instagram’s search area. This signals Instagram’s push to promote IGTV videos.



It’s a great opportunity for Superpreneurs (my version of entrepreneurs except that you are SUPER in every way!) like you to build and boost engagement through value-added, entertaining or thought provoking content. And to do that, you have to:






Like in any battlefield, you need a strategy to be ahead and and come out on the top. You are not the only coaching business on Instagram and there’s a huge probability that you may have the same target market with another.



You simply cannot put a video content out there and just hope it will work and attract some audience. Hope is not a strategy – it’s wishful thinking. You need a strategy to be visible, drive engagement and deliver business results.






Let your IGTV speak of what you as the entrepreneur and your business stands for. Zoom in to what resonates with your audience so you can build long-term relationships.



Let your individuality stand out amongst the masses. Make it feel less curated and more authentic.






Get used to posting videos regularly. Maintain a consistent aesthetic that matches your feed, your stories, your IGTV and your brand.



Now that I have walked you through the key points in creating an IGTV video, let’s dig down onto the strategy.



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Here’s The Ultimate IGTV Strategy You Need To Implement Now:



1️⃣ You don’t always have to start from scratch. Pick a topic or content that you already have. No need to look further. Short tips and listicles are always great for sharing.



So if you have been creating blog posts and articles or instructional pages, repurpose them into a video and give it new life. Even your Instagram Live can be repurposed.



2️⃣ Fill in the description area with keywords, hashtags and CTA to encourage double tap, save and share. The first 60 seconds of your IGTV can be used in your Instagram feed preview to attract new audiences and followers.



And that 60 powerful seconds must hook your audience so they will go through your full video. Imagine your headline on your Instagram feed posts but in a video format for IGTV. You need to stop the scroll. Here’s an example:



“The 9 Things People Ask Themselves Before Deciding to Purchase”


3️⃣ Share your episodes onto your feed and stories. Post your IGTV preview on your Instagram feed so your audience won’t miss out on your content.



You can also share your IGTV preview in stories to drive as much visibility as possible. You may even host an Instagram Live on the behind the scenes of your video and share more details with your audience.



4️⃣ Finally, include your Call-To-Action or CTA at the end. You may even ask your audience to like and share your video so that they can extend the message. The same goes on your feed and stories guiding your audience onto the next step of the journey.



Here’s are some IGTV content ideas you can start off with:



️🎯 Use an IGTV series to share exclusive videos that will help build a dedicated audience



️🎯 Share your journey of how you started your business. Giving your audience an appealing insider peek can help develop emotional connection to you and your business



️🎯 Document your journey of how you created your first launch from start to finish, whether it was a massive success or a flop. People like the real stuff including failures. These behind-the-scenes videos show the ups and downs and lessons from your journey delivering authentic content that people love.



️🎯 Instructional content like “How-To’s” and step-by-step tutorials are great educational videos to introduce your services.



️🎯 Share how to use your offers, inside view of your 1:1coaching, course or digital product



️🎯Tips on how to videos that your audience will find useful and actionable



And there you have it, the ULTIMATE IGTV strategy for your business to win more clients.


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