The Top 4 Things New Business Owners Struggle With On Instagram

The struggle is real. This would probably be the first phrase that new business owners (like you), will say if being asked how their Instagram presence is doing.



You would also probably say:


  1. “My Instagram has not enough followers even if I have been posting”
  2. “I’m using hashtags but it seems like I’m not reaching the right audience”
  3. “I am posting content whenever I have the time, I use hashtags and always adding call-to-actions but ZERO engagement”
  4. “No leads, no sales. I’m giving up!”
  5. The algorithm keeps changing!



Instead of getting stuck with this mindset and having your own pity party, it’s time to supercharge on your Instagram game because you can definitely conquer your challenges.



It may seem hard to get visible but once you have a better understanding of how to use Instagram for your business, it will start to take off.



As Marie Forleo says, everything is figureoutable!



If there’s one thing I have learned from my Math subject way back in my school years is that problems always have solutions and I’m here to share with you The Top 4 Things New Business Owners Struggle With On Instagram and how you can overcome it.









Instagram is all about hashtags and you are most likely to reach your target audience is to make use of them!



BUT it’s not about using big hashtags for the sake of reaching more audience but rather hashtags that are relevant to your post and are very specific to your brand as well and ideal client.



When I first started with Instagram, all I did was use the big hashtags. Common sense? just didn’t work.



If you were the audience that you would like to reach, what hashtags you think you will use when you search on Instagram? List them all down and use them in your next post.



Sometimes, hashtags don’t come easily to you because you don’t know what you don’t know. I recommend using a tool that provides hashtag recommendations. That way, you’ll never run out of ideas.



In order for you to maximise the power of hashtags, you do have to put in extra effort by analysing and measuring your metrics.



Look at posts that have received the most number of likes and engagement. Take a look at the hashtags you used for those posts and include them on your next post.



But it’s not recommended to use the same set of hashtags every single time as you will look spammy. Make some tweaks for each post. Add and subtract. Add newer hashtags and remove some of the older ones.









You won’t get automatic interactions from your audience when they view your content. It just work that way.



Instagram has its own messaging tool because it encourages you to connect and build the relationship! Have you heard of Threads and have you started using this feature?



If you are able to spark a conversation with a stranger in a grocery store, a co-participant in a workshop, with your mates during your reunion or even with parents at school when you drop off your kids – why not take that natural talent online?



Here’s the simplest solution to your engagement hiccups – Message the people who have engaged on your posts, stories and live videos! Whether it’s just a like, a comment or an answer to your poll, acknowledge them.



As simple as saying, “Hey! Appreciate you giving my post a love!” or “Thank you for joining my poll!” helps you build relationships. And when relationships are built, these people will most likely engage on your posts and even better, share them!



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Are you showing up consistently? If not, you have to start doing so.



Remember? Out of sight, out of mind. This doesn’t mean that you have to post every day. You can choose to post at least twice a week, what matters is that you stick to that. If you post 2x a week, then do that for as long as you can.



When people see that you are consistent, you then build trust and when trust is built, you will be top of mind and price is not the determining factor to work with you.



Instead, you will sell with ease and grace. Not much convincing is needed because your audience already sees the value and trusts you.



Are you talking about your offer as much as you can? Do it often! Sometimes your audience may not know what you have to offer.



There are many ways you can do to make your Instagram work. It’s just a matter of testing out strategies and you will eventually find the solutions and get the results for your business.



It is possible to generate leads and sales even if you have less than 1000 followers.









This doesn’t mean you are not loyal to Instagram. Sometimes you need a little help from another social media platform.



Let’s bear this in mind, vanity metrics don’t matter but we do need to have growth to scale. The very reason behind this is that you do need to make use of other social media platforms to grow your followers.



You can make use of your Facebook page, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn or website to grow your Instagram. Repurpose your IG content onto these platforms.



In fact you may also mention your Instagram handle on your emails and newsletters!



It’s more like a domino effect. When your followers on other platforms are made aware that they can find you on Instagram as well, there’s a chance that they will also follow you on Instagram!



And there you have it, the top 4 things new business owners struggle with on Instagram and how you can overcome it.



Now, which problem are you going to take action on immediately? Let me know in the comments below 👇

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