The Coronavirus – How To Show Up On Instagram (And Social Media) During A Pandemic

How have been coping? I just wanted you to know that everything will be OK.



It’s OK …



… if you feel uncertain about the future



… if you are unsure of what to do next



… if you don’t have a plan



… if you are allowing joy and keeping your vibrations high



… if you need to seek comfort and help



Because it is normal. I want you to know that I’m here to help in every way possible.



Today, I will be sharing with you How To Show Up On Instagram (And Social Media) During A Pandemic…



☑️ Keep showing up as usual (and consistently)- You are the authoritative figure to lead, motivate and constantly support your audience through the difficult times.



☑️ Tone of the voice – Be mindful through your message on social media. It is a sensitive period so be respectful and thoughtful with your usage of words.



☑️ Educate on what your brand and business is doing and constantly reassure your audience with what they can do with their business and how to navigate through the crisis.



☑️ Project positivity, love and compassion – Remind your audience to keep their vibrations and positivity high. Stress and worry can lower the immune system and be more vulnerable to the virus. It’s OK to laugh and smile during sombre times.



☑️ Demonstrate your knowledge in the niche – Provide tips, strategies, advice. This is the time your audience can plan and strategise for the upcoming months.



Just keep going….



Here are some ideas of IG accounts adapting their content to the current situation:






Reassure your clients the measures you are taking to ensure their safety and your staff (frontline) if any.



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Keep the vibrations and positivity high with constant support and human connection online.



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Adapt and pivot! Cassey from Blogilates threw in some fun into the workout names and plan. Provide a workout plan that can be done at home. Get creative. You can even do daily live videos!



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Challenging times ahead but business as usual SUPERS! This is not the time to stop. This is the time to SUPERCHARGE and double-down on your efforts.



If there’s anything I can do to help, please reach out and send me a direct message. For now, keep being SUPER in life and in business!



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