The 4 Letter Word

The 4 Letter Word

Today, I’m going to be sharing with you about the four-letter word. I know the title is going to make heads turn or make your eyes pop and you must be thinking of some words. It’s not what you think, the four-letter word that I’m talking about is FEAR. 

Yes, that four-letter word that you know everybody has in them. I just want to talk about it and release that word from your system. Because when you do that, all good things start to happen for you.

We all have fears, and how exactly do we overcome fear? Many of us don’t achieve our dreams because of fear. We’re constantly thinking about the negative even before it happens.

There will always be going to be questions of what if, right? What if I’m not good enough? What if things don’t go as planned? I feel all these questions come way before even we’ve stepped foot into doing what we’re wanting to do.

In the past few months, I too have these thoughts. It has been holding me back from doing what I want to do. Guess what happened? That stopped me from taking action.

I’m going to be real and raw here. What I’ve been holding back is the launch of my 1:1 coaching program (and a few other offers). A program that I know can help many entrepreneurs.

Why? Because fear set in! I had all these thoughts running through my head of what could go wrong. Instead of thinking on the brighter side, all I’m thinking is about the bad and negative stuff. Even before I’ve tried, even before I’ve started putting the framework and the systems together, I look like I’ve got my shit together. 

I even talked about getting your shit together in my previous article.


Behind closed doors is always a different thing. It’s a different setting that happens behind closed doors. Fear is something that we don’t talk about as openly and frequently. We’re always showing the best version of ourselves online. 

Here’s the thing that I want you to remember is that when you quit, even before you start, you’re putting your dreams on hold. Don’t live with your fears, run towards them, dance with them, and even lean in on them with faith.

Here’s a fun fact about me. I have a tattoo of the word “Faith” on my wrist. This has a very special meaning. I was going through a difficult time at one point of my life so it’s some sort of reminder that tells me to lean on with faith. It’s a strong word. Lean on faith and don’t live with your fears. With this, you can stop worrying about what you should do so that you can start doing what you want to do.

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Instead of taking massive action to conquer your fears, do whatever it takes, and just go all in. Here’s an example of my fear – appearing on video. I know a lot of people have this fear. I too had this fear but I was able to conquer it and now it’s just really easy for me to appear on a video now.

How I conquer that fear is that I told myself it doesn’t really matter what people think of me. All I’m wanting to do is to show you my personality on video and share my knowledge and help in some way, shae of form. It’s okay to fail on the first try. It’s okay if I look silly, ridiculous, if I have a weird accent or I just didn’t look good on video, I didn’t care.

I remember the very first time that I uploaded a video, and that was on Instagram stories. I did many takes of that with the little one, it was just nerve-racking to even post that first Instagram story. 

But when I saw the little one, who just did it so confidently without taking two or three times to record the perfect video, I’m like, if he can do it, I can do it too. I went ahead and just recorded and uploaded it and didn’t care about anything else in the world and it felt so good. Since then, I’ve been able to record on the go and appear on video without having any fear in me. 

I know it’s going to take time and practice to be able to appear confidently on video, talk naturally and just be yourself. It feels as if there are 1 million people in the room looking at you. That’s just that sort of thing that’s holding you back from just being you on video. But after a few times, you’re just going to feel really confident and be able to record a video at any time.

When you’re trying to conquer that fear, you can also think of what will happen on the bright side. If you’re able to produce video content for your business, you’ll be able to share knowledge with confidence, you’ll be able to dance for some shits and giggles, you’ll be able to do anything once you’ve conquered that fear.

Here’s another example, launching a high ticket offer. Sometimes we’re going to feel the imposter syndrome kick in. What if people find me too expensive? Am I good enough to teach on that topic? What if no one signs up and the list just goes on. 

But if you think about the flip side of it, it’s okay. If it fails, it’s fine, you can refine your launch strategy. If the course is not right for the people, you can tweak the course, or change the sales funnel. The first launch won’t always be a success, and you just got to keep trying.

If it is a success, the bright side will come in and you’re gonna be able to have an income for the month. Then you’ll be able to replicate the launch for the second and third launch throughout the year. Eventually, you’re going to have a consistent income and from there, you’ll be able to build out a product suite. 

Conquering your fears is just exhilarating. You will be an unstoppable force once you’ve overcome your fears. I want you to remember to not let your fear hold you back from living your dreams. 

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