Finally! Discover How to Master Instagram Reels to Reach a HUGE and Incredibly Engaged Audience

Crack the Instagram Code and Reach the Ideal Clients to Grow Your Business

It's 3am in the morning...

And after a busy day at work, you’re tired like anything.


…there’s this tiny little voice inside that whispers:

“Sacrifices are necessary for business growth.”

And so you find yourself glued to your screen spending hours creating content for Instagram.

After putting in all these hours, recording and editing your videos, you finally hit publish.

To your disappointment, your content doesn’t perform to expectations.

Even worse…

Instagram limits your reach. 😥

And I think this is a situation that many coaches, and service providers can relate to…

In your attempt to get more followers and leads, you double down on your creatives.

You spend even more time creating Reels and Stories, but that’s preventing you from doing actual work with your clients.

And you’re kind of getting stuck in this hamster wheel where you constantly spend a good part of your day planning “content” for Instagram.

That being said…

… I want to let you know that I was in your exact same position not too long ago

The Truth About Instagram Reels

After extensive experimentation with Instagram, I’ve learnt a few things.

And I would like to share them with you. 

👉  Marketing is all about showmanship.

👉  Instagram wants you to pay for ads if you want more reach.

👉 The truth is — In the age of social media, our attention spans are shorter than ever. So, if you want to thrive in the attention economy, you need to start leveraging short-form video content that informs, educates and entertains.

And, Instagram Reels offers business owners like you and me with the tools to show up on Instagram.

From my own experience what I can tell you is that you can start feeling overwhelmed very easily when working with Reels. 

Creating Reels Can Be Overwhelming

You have  to record videos, select audios, make relevant video transitions, add captions, hashtag-research and what-not.

I know for a fact that most coaches and business owners have limited hours in a day. And simply don’t have long hours to invest in creating content.

As an Instagram expert, let me tell you this… 

Reels are here to stay.

Instagram launched “Reels” is to compete with TikTok which allows people to make fun and entertaining videos.

I wanted to design a system that would allow me to make Reels more accessible to coaches and service providers.

So, it was back to the drawing board for me.

After extensive brainstorming and creative experimentations, I created a system that would allow coaches and business owners to grow organically with Reels.

Because Reels are easy to digest, people tend to interact more with Reels. And this means you’re going to see quick improvements in your engagement and reach.

Marketing your business with Reels is also ideal for attracting your IDEAL followers..

And if you have ideal followers who follow your content, you’ll have a much easier time turning them into clients. 

More than anything, having a workflow process for growing on Instagram without paying for ads is super empowering. 

That’s not all, you are likely to save up to 6 hours every week when you create Reels following my processes. 

Confidence comes from understanding.

And after completing this course, you’ll no longer have that insecurity about putting yourself out there. 


Because you will have a proven framework to help you grow on the Gram.

You will no longer have to second guess whether your marketing strategy is going to work or not.

When you show up with the confidence of a dragon, it’s also going to be much easier for you to build a rock-solid personal brand.

Over time people will recognize you as an authority in your niche, and inbound queries will follow. 

 And it all happens when you have insider knowledge on how to leverage Instagram Reels. 

(But before I get into all that, I would like to tell you a bit about myself.)

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From Award-Winning Salon Owner To Becoming A Successful Instagram Expert

Hi, I’m Kelly Tan, and I’m the proud founder of a multi-award winning beauty salon. I built my business from scratch, and in the process I learnt a whole lot about the social media ecosystem.

Like every other committed business owner, I worked extra hard to ensure my business thrived.

But putting in those longer hours was taking a toll on me. So, I eventually decided to sell off my business. (without a backup plan).

After selling off my business, I took a two week break to figure out what I wanted to do with the next phase of my life.

I wanted to build a business where I wouldn’t have to sacrifice family time for work. A lifestyle business that could enable me to live life on my own terms without having to trade time for dollars.

I thought it would be a good idea to start my own online business.

I knew there were people on Instagram who were living their dream lives by designing a profitable business.

It was my dream to create a business like theirs as well. And thus began my journey into the world of social media.

For the last four years, I studied social media religiously.

I invested in high-end masterminds, courses and workshops to uplevel myself.

Because I wanted to acquire more practical experience, I worked as a social media manager in an agency setting, and during that time I had the pleasure of helping out Nutella with their social media marketing operations.

Long story short — all my experiences helped me prepare for my purpose today.

Having seen first hand proof of the transformational results businesses could obtain with strategic Instagram marketing, I knew that Instagram had a lot of potential to offer in this area for businesses of all kinds.

Around that time, Instagram Reels got released.

After extensive trial and error, I was able to learn the ins and outs of how Reels work. And I also discovered that short-form videos like Reels were ideal for organic growth.

Why Instagram Is A Goldmine For Business Owners

Instagram is a goldmine of opportunities for business owners. And any business owner not actively marketing on Instagram is missing out big time.

As the seventh most visited website on the planet, Instagram offers business owners lucrative opportunities to get in front of the right people, and turn them into paying clients.

Studies suggest that 31% of users on Instagram earn more than 75k per year while 63% bring home more than $50k.

The point being:

There’s a ripe opportunity for coaches and service providers to get clients from Instagram. In short, powerful Instagram Reels work unbelievably well if you are trying to grow on Instagram, attract more leads, and build a following.

Marketing my business with Reels opened up a world of possibilities for me.

By developing a concise framework, I was able to 5X my follower count on Instagram.

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Instagram Reel Results
Instagram Reel Results

And, I know for a fact that this framework could be game-changing for small business owners.

I’ve packaged everything I know about Instagram Reels into a concise course for coaches and service-based business owners who are serious about stepping up with Instagram marketing with Reels.

While there are many Instagram Reel courses out there, they mostly cover the basic elements of how to get started with Reels.

And what happens is that many times people go through these courses and once they are done, they suffer from a lack of direction.

But the fact remains that we learn best through implementation. And so to help my students solidify their learnings, I’ve added a 30 day action plan to the course (which of course you can execute that in 30 days or do it at your own pace).

The 30 day action plan guides you on the exact Reels to create, and further offers insights on what audio tracks and captions you should use. It is engineered to help you create evergreen Reels.

When you focus on evergreen Reel content, you won’t have to constantly stay on the lookout for trendy Reels (with fingers-cross that it will go viral).

The value and info you share through your Reel content will automatically signal to your followers that you know your stuff.

Creating evergreen Reels is much more time efficient compared to trendy Reels.

Exclusive Insider Look At What’s Inside

Reels To Grow Course

Introducing Reels To Grow

Reels To Grow is a course designed for busy coaches and service providers who’re eager to grow on Instagram.

Reels To Grow Will Help You:

👍 Better manage your time…

👍 Help overcome creative blocks, and offer a framework for generating endless content ideas on the fly…

👍 Putting yourself out there is never easy. Reels To Grow will help you show up with more confidence…

👍 Want to grow a tribe of loyal followers? Discover the Reel Framework that makes it easy for you to show up consistently, and take big strides towards your business goals…

👍 Best of all… With the “Reels To Grow” framework, you’ll have a proven repeatable framework that works. One that helps you get more reach, more engagement and leads!

Essentially, Reels To Grow is a 4 week long course.

The course is split into 4 modules, and the lessons will be drip-fed to you each week.

Week 1 Building Your Foundation

Learn the foundation, art & science of creating compelling Reels that help you turbocharge your Instagram marketing and crush it with Reels.

Module 1

Creating Your Reel

Inside you’ll learn:

Week 2 Stop The Scroll Content

 You’re going to learn how to stand out on Instagram with Reels. The secret? Create scroll-stopping content that keeps em’ glued to the screen.

Module 2

Stop The Scroll Content

Inside you’ll learn:

Week 3 Transitions That Pop

Let’s deep dive on video editing. The first few seconds are meant to arouse curiosity, but it’s when you add transitions that makes your Reel really pop out.

Module 3

Transitions That Pop

Inside you’ll learn:
Instagram Reels To Grow Course

Week 4 Convert With Ease

Discover how you can create belief altering content that will make your followers super interested in what you have to offer in the most fun and easy way.

Module 4

Convert With Ease

Inside you’ll learn:

BONUS: A 30 day Step-By-Step Reels Plug & Play Action Plan and accountability tracker.


On paper, “Reels To Grow” is a 4 week long course, but it’s actually jam-packed with more value than other 12 week long courses out there in the market.

Still wondering if “Reels To Grow” is right for you?

As I mentioned before, Instagram Reels is perhaps the single best way to grow organically on Instagram.

So, if you want to leverage Instagram Reels to get more reach, more engagement and leads, then “Reels To Grow” is the course you cannot afford to miss out on.

🔥 Take back your time and start making big moves in your business with Instagram Reels.

(P.S. : You can repurpose the same Reels to create
Tiktok videos, and Youtube shorts)

🔥  After going through the course, you will no longer have to deal with creative blocks.

With a clear roadmap at hand, you will be armed with the knowledge you need to effectively market your business on Instagram.

But wait there’s more… Once you officially enroll yourself in the “Reels To Grow” course, you’re also going to get

Get started from $197

Here’s what's included…


Clearly, for the right person, Reels To Grow has a lot of value to offer.

Now, if you’ve read till this point, you’re probably eager to know about how much you will need to invest to get your hands on the “Reels To Grow” course.

Considering the pure educational value of this course, I believe that I could easily sell this course at a price point of $2497.


I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that amount.

For just $497, you can get exclusive access to the “Reels To Grow” course along with all the delicious bonuses. 😏. Payment plan available.

Ready to turbocharge your Instagram marketing with Reels?

Get The Reels To Grow Course Today!

(more clients, and more followers await) Oh yeah… One more thing…

When you sign up for the “Reels To Grow” course today, you’ll also get exclusive access to a private FB group, where you can network with other coaches, service providers and small business owners who are crushing it with Reels.

Early bird offer ends June 27. Course starts July 11.

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The Reels To Grow X Factor

Now, the Reels To Grow course is different from other courses available in the market.

Other courses talk about how to create transitions that are hard and time-consuming, and the how-to aspect to creating Reels.

But what they don’t offer you is STRATEGY.

Inside the Reels To Grow course you’re going to learn how to think strategically about your Reels.

You want to take your followers on a journey with Reels. And I’ll provide you with a 30,000 ft overview of how to plot out this journey.

And once you learn to do that, you’re going to see rapid growth in all your Instagram marketing operations.

Without strategy, execution is aimless. Without execution, strategy is useless.

- Morris Chang -

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Still not convinced…?

Well, that’s alright. Maybe you just don’t want to have more leads coming your way. Maybe you want to stay okay with mediocrity. And that’s perfectly fine.

Only one problem. In the meantime, your competition will leave you in the dust. But things could easily be different if you decided to give “Reels To Grow” course a try.

If you do everything that’s taught inside the course, your inbox will most likely be flooded with potential business queries.

And, maybe… Just maybe — you’re going to make your entire investment back with just one sale. Also…

If you think about it, $497 is actually a very small sum to pay for a proven marketing framework that could change the entire growth trajectory of your business.

Let me break this down further.

You see… After going through the “Reels To Grow”, you learn how to create epic content. 

Epic content that captivates, connects and CONVERTS !

And as someone who’s used the same blueprint to 5X my Instagram follower count, I can tell you with absolute confidence that “Reels To Grow” course will help you see growth as a business.

Say yes to more business opportunities with Instagram Reels.

Build an unforgettable brand!

It all starts with Instagram Reels.

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Instagram Reel Results
Instagram Reel Results


A 4 week course sounds kinda long. Not sure if I am going to have time to actually finish the course….


I completely get you. Running a business is stressful and time consuming. But I’ve made it super easy for you to go through the course. All you need to do is set aside two hours every week, and that’s going to be more than enough for you to learn everything you need to create super simple Reels fast and easy.

( You will have access to the course portal for one year. After that you’ll lose access. This is because I want you to actually complete the course, and implement the lessons.)

Remember — In life it’s the people who implement who see results!

Systems are powerful.

And the Reels To Grow course is designed to empower you with the right systems, and help you market your business better on Instagram.

Take back your time. Get more leads, attract more followers, and turbocharge your business growth.

Inside the course, I teach a framework that has helped me create Instagram Reels fast and easy.

I also give you a behind-the-scenes look at how to batch create your Reels. (Trust me; this makes things way easier)

Using my framework, I’ve been able to create 15 days worth of Reels in as little as 5 hrs.

With the “Reels To Grow” course, you can take back your time, and effectively stop staying glued to your phone all day long.

I’ve made the course super easy for you to consume. You can go through the course at any pace you like.

If you need to revisit, or rewatch any videos at any point in time, that option is available to you as well.

Completing a module of course content will take about 1-2 hrs of your time.

Additionally, the course material is laid out in a manner that is extremely easy to consume and digest.

All in all, you’re looking at approximately 6-8 hrs of top-shelf video content across 4 weeks.


Because I would like to make Reels To Grow more accessible, I have added payment plans to the order form page.

You can either opt for a one time payment of $497, or go for 3 easy payments of $197.

Well, if you’re camera shy, it’s still possible for you to get great results with this course.

Inside the course, I share Reel content ideas that you can implement without showing your face.

At the same time, if (and only if) you’re interested in unlocking the full suite of capabilities that Reels has to offer, then I also cover additional training materials inside.

You don’t have to post Reels daily to see results with my teachings.

In fact, I actually discourage people from posting Reels daily.

Because it often makes people experience burn out.

Instead, I teach a framework that takes your stress away when creating Instagram Reels, and actually infuses fun into the content creation process. 🙂

👉 You are a coach or service-based business owner…

👉 “Reels To Grow” is a course for beginners to intermediate who is looking to turbocharge your Instagram marketing with a proven framework for creating Reels!

👉 Ready to put in consistent work…

👉 You are looking for instant results …

👉  You have advanced knowledge with Reels…

👉  Not wanting to invest in time and energy to do the work…

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the course delivery, there is no refund under any circumstances, this includes but not limited to the Reels feature not available in your country. All sales are final.

However, I have every reason to believe that you’re going to love the in-depth content that’s covered inside the course.

If you are unsure whether Reels To Grow is for you, drop me an email at

Turbocharge Your Instagram Marketing With A Proven Framework For Creating Scroll-Stopping Reels.
Early bird offer ends June 27. Course starts July 11. Don't miss out!

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