Reel Myths That Are Stopping You From Growing

Reel Myths That Are Stopping You From Growing

Reels have been the talk of the town. It is by far one of the best ways to grow on Instagram organically and reach more people. 

There may be many reasons or myths that are actually holding you back from creating Reels for your business, whether it is your first time, or if you have published a few. I’m here to bust those myths so you can be confident in creating Reels. 

#1: Spend many hours on engagement

Building relationships on Instagram is the key, but you don’t have to spend hours engaging with them. You can allocate some time, for example, two to three slots of 10 minutes to engage with your audience. 

When you see comments on your Reels, reply to them genuinely with a comment that shines. You can include emojis too.

#2: You need to show your face, dance, or lip-sync

Just because you see that most people are either dancing on lip-syncing, you need to do that too. I’m here to tell you that there are lots of Reel content ideas that you can do without showing your face. I’ve shared that on my podcast episodes, you can check them out here:

Episode 35 – Content Ideas For Reels Without Showing Your Face

Episode 42 – Content Ideas For Reels Without Showing Your Face Part 2

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#3: Must create trending videos to go viral 

Trending videos are great, but you don’t have to create these all the time just to go viral. Your goal at the end of the day is to be more visible, grow online, and get leads. 

Sometimes having viral videos are great, but it doesn’t necessarily bring you your ideal clients. Keep in mind the goals that you want to achieve when it comes to creating Reels for your business. 

On the other hand, some videos that are just talking on camera can even go viral so it depends on the value provided in the video. People want videos that can inspire, educate, and entertain them at the same time. 

#4: Post daily to grow

You don’t have to post daily. Create your own with consistency. If three times per week suits your schedule, then do it. You have to enjoy creating these videos without feeling stressed about being visible all the time, otherwise, you will have every reason not to create them.

There you have it, Reel myths that are stopping you from growing.

All it takes is a mindset shift and understanding that you can create Reels without having to spend hours on engagement. You don’t have to show your face, dance, or lip-sync (unless you really want to). Trending videos are not the only ones that can go viral and lastly, you don’t have to post daily to grow your business. 

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