Is Your IG Profile Attracting Your Dream Clients

If you have been on Instagram for a while now and you feel that you’ve nailed it on your bio, it’s just great to check back and see if you need to update it.



However, if you’re new to Instagram, then I will teach you the method on how you can optimise your Instagram profile to bring in your dream and aligned clients.



Let’s start with your image photo, is it a photo of yourself, or a logo of your brand or your business? I recommend that you put an image of yourself because your brand is you. You are the business and you are the face of the business. Have an image that’s inviting and warm that is authentically you.



Previously, for an in-person meeting with clients, I usually wear my pink coat.  It represents me being fun, playful and happy all the time so I decided to have that image on my Instagram account, too.



Have a look at your image photo again and see if you need to update it. If you’re new to Instagram and you’re creating a new account, select the photo that fully represents you.



The next thing that I would like you to pay attention, is your profile name. Note that profile name is important because it is a keyword-searchable area. You need to put in keywords and not your full name. You can put in your name at the very beginning followed by the keyword.



For me, I would love to have my name followed by “coach” but because I’ve used Instagram coach plus training, it didn’t give me enough space to put my name.



Instead, I used Kelly Talks Social so people will be able to recognise my name in my handle. Remember to put in a keyword-searchable term in the profile name section.



The next thing is your user name. Use something memorable like Kelly Talks Social. I put that username because when you meet Kelly, Kelly talks everything social. It is something that I’m passionate about and I love creating content on social media. Think out of the box and be creative.



The next thing down the list is your bio. This is the most important part of your Instagram profile. Bio will educate and inform your clients, or potential clients on what you do. By using the eye help statement, followed by the results that you can help your clients achieve, you can fully describe your business.



For example, if you’re a fitness coach, you can say that I help moms who have just recently given birth to lose five kilos in the next 90 days. Sit down and have a think about what is it that will help your clients? What are the results you can bring to them? Keep it short and simple that helps people understand what you can bring to the table.



The next point is the website, which is the URL that you can put on your Instagram profile. Bear in mind, this is the only clickable URL and we want to fully maximise the space.



No alt text provided for this image



There are two ways to do this. The first one is you can use a third-party app like link tree that allows you to put several links under one link. The second way is that you create a page on your website that looks like how a link tree site would do.



It will look natural to your audience like it’s something that they see across several different Instagram accounts. You can also customize your page on your website and that is why I recommend the second method.



If you have your webpage, you are directing all of the traffic to your web page, which means you own all of the data. It’s good to know which method suits you best and put in all of the key URLs that need to be there.



The first one that you can put on your website, would be your free download or your free masterclass. Any freebie that you’re giving away and any details that you need your audience to know about. The last one is your highlight reels. I see the highlight reels as a little mini-website.



If you look at your website, tick the few key things that you need to put inside there for people to view. These highlight reels are just a compilation of your Instagram stories.



Every time you put up an Instagram story, say you have a client’s review or a testimonial on your services, you can put it into your highlight reel that’s going to stay more than 24 hours longer than Instagram stories. It provides more information on top of your Instagram profile and bio.



Take a look and see if you need to update your Instagram profile. If you’ve been around on Instagram for some time now, you can always have an Instagram profile update every few months.



Check back and see what you need to update or if you are new to Instagram, then use this method to start creating your profile that attracts your dream and aligns clients.



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