Instagram “Reel” Mistakes You Are Making & What To Do Instead

Instagram “Reel” Mistakes You Are Making & What To Do Instead

Recently, Adam Missouri, the head of Instagram has just stated that they are no longer a photo-sharing app. They are now prioritising and focusing on four main key areas – creators, video, shopping, and messaging. 



Reels fall under the category of video. Reels are currently exploding in organic reach and people are enjoying the benefits of investing their time in creating it for their business.



I know you have been holding back and thinking this…



👉 I’ve been spending so much time on creating Reels but just not getting the reach, views, and engagement. 



👉 I’m not seeing the results, no new leads, clients, or any form of sales, just the sound of crickets. 



👉I’m not sure how to get started and not confident in publishing a Reel because I don’t want to dance or lip sing.



At the same time, I do know that you want to create Reels for your business because you have seen and heard other brands that are enjoying the benefits of creating it. 



Today, I want to share with you the common Reel mistakes that you’re making and what you can do instead.



#1:No hook

Attention span these days is very short. We only have 3 to 5 seconds to hook our audience in to want to get them to watch the video more. 



There are two ways to hook your audience in. The first one is to have a really catchy headline. This means that it should arouse curiosity and pique interest. You want to make your audience feel like “Oh my goodness, this is so interesting, I want to watch more.” 



Not only does the headline attract attention, but it also gives them a brief information of what your Reel is about so that they can decide if they want to watch more. 



The second way to hook your audience in is to have a really quick movement. Imagine yourself as an Instagram user, the scroll culture is there, all we do is scroll. You want to stop the user in their tracks, right? 



You can have a quick emotion like just waving your hands in front of the camera, just to show that you know something really quick. It’s something that stands out when it pops out of the screen and says, “Okay, this is something new, I would love to see more.” 



#2: Positioning of the text 

Your audience is viewing your Reel from two different places. One of them is from their Instagram feed that has a square dimension. The second one is on the Reels platform itself where the dimension is like Instagram stories.



You have to remember that in any event that they are watching from their feed, you have to ensure that all of the text is within that square. You do not know where your audience are viewing your Reels from, it is better to position them as if they are viewing from their Instagram feed. 



What happens when your text is not placed within that square area? Your audience will not be able to read the information that you’re wanting to share. 



#3: Cover photo

If you do have an aesthetic to your Instagram feed, then keep following up with that consistent look of it. If your feed has all of your brand colors, then create a cover photo for your Reels with the brand colors and the type of content and design that you have been putting out there. 



If you don’t have one, then simply create your own signature look to your Reels so that when people see it, they recognise that it is coming from you. 



For example, my Instagram feed, I do have cover photos that really replicate how the actual Reels look like when you are viewing them right at the beginning. Mine is exactly what I wear in the video with the headline. 



You can preselect the video frames that are provided by Instagram, but the headline doesn’t appear. So, what I do is I create my own cover photo that looks exactly like the Reels when you’re first viewing it, except that mine has the additional headline for my viewers to know what the video is all about. 



#4: No call-to-action

Always remember this, it is human nature that your audience is not going to do anything unless you tell them to do it. You need to guide them on to the next step that you want them to take.



For example, if you want them to download your freebie, simply just put that “Download now”. You can have this call to action in the Reels video itself and in the caption.



If all of your information cannot be fitted into the video itself, then you can put a call-to-action “Read the caption for more”, you can direct your audience to go to your caption and read for more information. 



You can have your expanded information of the point forms that you have been sharing on your video itself. Make sure that it is a strong call to action, make it clear and simple for your audience to do what you want them to do. 



Here’s a recap of the Reel mistakes that you are making and what to do instead. 



1️⃣  No hook, create a catchy headline instead and/or a quick movement to really stand out.



2️⃣  Positioning of your text, double-checked the text is placed within the square.



3️⃣  Have a captivating cover photo, create one or use the pre-selected frame provided by Instagram



4️⃣  No CTA, include a strong call-to-action that is simple and easy for your audience to know what is the next step that you want them to take. 



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