How To Write CAPTION That CONVERTS(Like Crazy)…

Writing captions may seem easy. But, are they converting? If you’re experiencing crickets and not converting, here’s my 6-step process on how you can write effective captions that (actually) converts on Instagram. This strategy also works well on other social platforms.



Step 1: HEADING – Write one that is attention grabbing and piques interest. Keep it within 125 characters. Anything more than that, the text gets truncated and your audience will have to click “read more”. ⁣



Step 2: SPACING – Ensure that there is spacing in between paragraphs. Makes content easier to consume and looks great on the whole.⁣



Step 3: BODY – This is where you put all the valuable info and gold nuggets. Be generous with what you have to share. ⁣



Step 4: ENDING – Recap on what you have just shared.⁣



Step 5: CTA – Get your audience to do what you want them to do. People won’t do anything unless you tell them to.⁣ It’s simply just human nature.


Step 6: HASHTAGS – Insert relevant and related hashtag. ⁣


And that’s how I create captions that converts (like crazy)! A simple 6-step process that you can easily implement too!



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