How To Use Instagram Stories To Grow Your Business

Did you know that by April 2020 alone there’s a surge of Instagram users by 47% worldwide?



……this means that on every Instagram story you post, potential leads are waiting for you on the other side!

If you haven’t been posting on stories, you are greatly missing out on what it can potentially do for your business!

Instagram Stories is a great way to….



️🎯 Skyrocket your brand awareness and visibility

️🎯 Increase your engagements

️🎯 Build relationships

️🎯 Sell your offers



While your Instagram feed is the picture-perfect version of you, your Instagram stories are the behind the scenes, daily-dose, raw versions of you that your audiences will go… “Oh, this person is somehow like me in some ways.



This simply allows your audience to resonate with you, want to watch your stories and get to know you more. Be visible to your audiences by appearing on your stories throughout the day. Just keep showing up!



Being consistent in posting stories builds the relationship between you and your audiences, they may not buy from you immediately but you have positioned yourself as an authority. In time to come, they will reach out to you because they already know, like and trust you.






1️⃣ Behind The Scenes



It is OK to give your audience a glimpse of your everyday routine. You can show a typical work day for you, a sneak peak of a new offer or course you are currently creating.



2️⃣ Share your opinions on industry insights.



Build your authority by sharing your views and thoughts on what your industry is about. It can be busting myths and limiting beliefs. Leave a thought provoking opinion to encourage engagement.



3️⃣ Show Your Personal Life



Take your audience into your personal life by sharing bits and pieces of your raw and unedited daily routines – making a meal, how you spend time with your family. Inspire and empower them! How much you want to share is completely up to you. Just as long as you feel comfortable.



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4️⃣ Sneak Peek

Who wouldn’t love to know what you are currently working on, it gets your followers excited and want to know more!!



With the use of your Instagram stories, sharing sneak peeks of your new offer will make it exclusive for those who follow you and build up the hype for its launch!



You can even start building up your leads for those who are interested to keep them up-to-date exclusively!



5️⃣ Take them on a ride with you when you go to meetings, conferences, workshops 



Client meetings? Training and workshops? Show them the value you give in an in-person learning.



And the good part of walking them through your professional lifestyle? You are able to show what is it like when working with you.



6️⃣ Your Journey

Share your entrepreneurial journey, what do you stand for. Giving them your fair share of ups and downs that happen on a day-to-day basis encourages and empowers your audiences to achieve their goals.



Keeping these things raw and real makes you a real person. This builds trust. It’s time to hop onto stories. Whenever you are posting an Instagram story, remember to use features such as hashtags, locations to boost your reach.



Now, let’s grow your business with Instagram stories today! Follow me on Instagram @kellytalkssocial for more tips and strategies.

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