How To Turn Fans Into Clients

How To Turn Fans Into Clients

Today I’m going to be sharing with you the blueprint of how to turn your fans into clients. How are you going to do this? You’re going to do this with Instagram.

#1: Optimise your bio

The first thing that you need to do is you need to optimise your bio, have a look at the name section. If someone doesn’t know you, they’re not going to search for your name on the search bar. People search using keywords. Be sure to add in essential keywords that is related to your niche in the name section.

For example, if you are a mindset coach, simply put in mindset coach so that when people are searching for mindset coaches to work with, your name appears on the search list.

If you are a money coach, a business coach or a spiritual coach, just put that there and include your first name. Be mindful of the characters that you’re using as there’s a limited number of characters that you can use in the name section.

For the bio part, you need to get straight to the point, there’s a limit of 150 characters to tell people what you’re about. I recommend putting in your “I help” statement by letting people know who are the people that you work with, and how you can provide the results or transformation.

For example, if you’re a fitness coach, then you can put in a statement that says “I help mums who have just recently delivered lose five kilos in the next three months”. It’s short, simple, and it’s easy for people to understand what you do and how you can help.

My biggest pet peeve when it comes to writing content, especially an email is when there are no line breaks. All you see is a huge chunk of words, with no paragraphs, no line breaks. It’s something that I won’t even want to read and tend to just leave it for later. Sometimes I don’t even go back to that email so add in relevant emojis and line breaks for easy reading. 

For the website of the bio area, this is prime real estate simply because Instagram only has one area where you can put in a URL that is clickable. To direct your audience to two different links, what you want to do is that you have two options. 

The first one is to use a third-party app like Linktree. It’s basically using their links and putting in multiple links to direct them to your website. The second option is to create a webpage within your website where you can have multiple links and be able to direct your audience to where you want them to go.

#2: Caption

You need to write captions that convert. How can you do that? 

By telling a story and adding value to the post. A great image alone is good, but one with a compelling value-added story is even better. One that your audience can actually resonate with. You need to start by crafting a headline that actually catches the attention within the first three sentences. 

Here’s a super tip, you need to include a CTA, a call to action and a CTE or a call to engagement. You need to direct your audience on to the next step that you want them to take.

If you want them to take a certain action, like for example, you want them to download a freebie or you want them to register for a masterclass, then simply put that “register now or download now”.

If you want them to take action on a certain type of engagement, then you get your audience to engage just by simply stating “comment below with your thoughts”. You can just get them to like or even share or save the photo for later. State specifically what you really want them to do.

#3: Engage

You need to engage with your community. In real life, when we go to an event, we chat or mingle around with people, it is exactly the same as Instagram, but it’s done virtually. 

When you’re engaging with your community, what you’re really doing is building that relationship, the foundation, in order for you to be able to sell your services and offer in future.

Imagine you’re at a networking event, and you go up to someone, what is the first thing that you do? Introduce yourself and start talking about the common things that you have between the both of you, right? And if your answer is yes, then that’s exactly what you need to do on Instagram, too.

You don’t just go up to someone and say, “Hey, my name is Kelly, and I like to share with you all about my 1:1 coaching, I know it’s gonna really help you, it’s going to be so great when we start working together for the next 6 weeks, it only costs 2997.”

Imagine this when you meet someone for the first time. All you did was talk about the business and the services that you offer. You’re not going to get any engagement, you’re not going to be able to build the relationship. The worst thing is, you won’t even get a sale from that person. Don’t be that sleazy salesperson.

Always put yourself in a position where you would ask yourself this question – what would I do in real life. You can even introduce yourself, address the person by the first name because it’s just more intimate that way. It creates the foundation of the relationship that you’re trying to build. 

Don’t comment with a string of emojis because it just doesn’t make sense. Don’t do it, engage with valuable comments. When I say valuable comments, you need to read what the person is sharing. Write something that is related to that. 

Here’s a super tip for you on how you can start engaging with people or your ideal clients. You can start following hashtags that are related to your niche, you can like and comment on the posts. 

#3: Leverage Hashtags

How do you actually use hashtags? Here’s the trick, what you’re going to do is to add a mixture of hashtags that includes mostly small and medium-size with one or two larger hashtags.

You will get a more engaged audience and can be discovered easily as your posts might just stay at the top of the feed longer than larger hashtags in the search feed. Hashtags help with discoverability so if you have 30 hashtags to use, use them.

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#4: Level Up your Instagram Stories

This is really great for in-the-moment content or content that contains images or videos that don’t fit into your feet aesthetics, that’s if you have one. With Instagram stories, they will only stay on for 24 hours. Some of the content that you can actually share is behind the scenes. 

For example, if you are creating an online course you can show the behind the scenes of how you create that online course. You can even share your daily routine or just easy to digest educational videos or textbase type of content.

#6: Supercharge with Reels

Reels is the latest feature that Instagram is really pushing out at the moment where you can get great organic reach at the time of this recording. Basically, Reels are just short videos that are between 15 to 30 seconds long.

Reels are easy to create, it shouldn’t take up a lot of your time. I do recommend that you focus and invest some of your time on this feature at the moment because you can actually 10x your reach and explode your growth with this new feature.

#7: Get down and personal in the DMs

When it comes to DM, you can either send a voice note or a text note. If you are feeling adventurous and confident, send a voice note because it really amplifies the connection. Voice notes are more personal.

It also shows that you’re not just a bot or someone behind an account that uses some sort of program or virtual assistant that sends out the same message to every single person. A voice note creates a human connection. 

You can send DMs to two groups of people. The first one is the ones who follow your accounts. And the second one is the people who liked your content.

Another super tip for you, leave relevant comments and end it with a question to get the conversation rolling. Once the conversation starts to kick off, you can take it into the DMs and start sending voice notes. This will amplify the connection between you and the ideal client or the person that you’re talking to.

There you have it, the blueprint on how to turn your fans into clients on Instagram.

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