How To Supercharge Your Instagram Account For Success

How To Supercharge Your Instagram Account For Success

Today, I’m going to be talking about the two things that you need to do to SUPERCHARGE your Instagram account for success.

Let’s take a look at your account.


If you have already done this before, I encourage you to take a look at your account again, as there are always going to be new things that are happening in your business. There are times that you do need to update the information that you put on your account. 

#1: Name

Let’s take a look at the name area of your profile. I know that it is common sense that we put our name in the name section, simply because it says the word name. But did you know that this is a prime real estate piece? 

What you want to put is to include essential keywords that are related to your niche. Of course, you want people to know you by your name so I suggest you include your first name, followed by the keywords that are related to your niche. 

Let’s say your name is Rose. You can put in Rose as your first name, followed by what you do. Are you a coach or a consultant? You narrow it down by what sort of coach or consultant you are.

For example, if you’re a business coach, you can put business coach in the name area. When people are searching for a business coach, your account appears on the search list. 

#2: Handle

The next one to look at is your handle, make sure that’s easy to remember. For me, I used Kelly Talks Social because Kelly is my name and all I do is talk about social media. 

There’s a backstory to this, I really wanted to use my own name, but unfortunately, my name is too common that I couldn’t even get a handle for any of the social media platforms. To even get the domain name was just not available anymore. So I had to be really creative and use what’s related to what I’m doing. 

#3: Profile Photo

Use a high-resolution photo that shows your personality. Let your personality shine through that photo so people can immediately connect and relate to you and your energy. 

You can put a photo that you feel comfortable sharing with the world. What sort of photo do I share as my profile photo? This is completely up to you. It can either be a casual selfie photo or a professional headshot photo if that’s what you want to share with your audience. 

Here’s a tip for you. If you’re a Canva pro user, you can edit the background of your photo and use the Background Remover Tool. Use a striking colour background that will represent the brand colour on all of your social media platforms. Through this, your profile photo can actually stand out when people are browsing through all the different accounts. 

#4: Website

This is another piece of prime real estate. Use a URL that can host and display multiple URLs to direct your traffic to the different pages. With the CTAs that you’re using throughout your posted Instagram content, there are two ways to do this.

The first one is the easier way if you don’t know how to create a page within your website. It is a third-party app like Linktree. All you have to do is to put in all of the information there, your URLs and the CTAs, without having to do any coding at all. 

Bear in mind when using a third-party app like this, the traffic doesn’t belong to you. Meaning you’re redirecting all of the traffic to Linktree’s website that you are boring space on. 

At any point that you decide to do any sort of ads and have no data that’s available, you can’t do retargeting as all of the traffic has just been redirected out onto the third party platform.

The second option is to create a page within your website, and I highly recommend that you choose this option. Now I know it can be challenging for some of you. I suggest you outsource this if you do not know your way around your website. 

#5: Bio

The next part that we’re looking at is your bio. Does it clearly state your statement and how you can help your ideal client? Include an “I help statement”.

For example, an “I help statement” would be something like this, I help service-based business owners explore their reach on Pinterest. Or another example would be, I help consultants get their first five-figure month.

Having a short concise “I help statement” allows your audience to understand what you do and how you can help them. It should include the transformation that you can actually bring into their lives.

I don’t know about you but for me, when I see a profile that has a huge paragraph with no spacing in between, I tend to just navigate away from that profile. It’s not because I don’t like the person but because reading the profile is just really straining on the eyes when there are no breaks at all. 

I suggest you include relevant emojis as your bullet points, breaking up the lines and use some spaces in between. Remember not to go overload your emojis, it’s can be too distracting. 

#6: Contact Info

You can include your email address or business contact number, so that’s easier for people to reach out if they would like to chat further. 

#7: Call-to-Action

The next one is a call-to-action or CTA. Direct your audience to where you want them to go. 

For example, if you want your audience to get your free ebook, simply put Download Now. If you want them to contact you to discuss further the offers that you have, then you can put Contact Now. If you have a free master class and you want them to register for it, then just put Register Now. If you have some coaching spots that you’d like to fill out, and you want them to sign up, get them to Sign Up Today.

Just as simple as that, include your CTA in your bio, just above the website area. 

#8: Privacy Setting

Set it to “Public” so everybody can easily view the information and content that you’re sharing. 

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#1: Brand Guideline:

Do you have a brand guideline or a style guide? This is for your aesthetics like your brand colours, so create content that’s cohesive.


#2: Media

The next one is the media that you’re using. Are you using high-quality photos or video? Instagram has changed and evolved over the years. There are other types of media that you can use and one that I see trending and exploding on Instagram are the GIFs. 

#3: Content Pillars 

These are just basically your themes or the topics that you cover. For example the topics in my business, I cover entrepreneurship, content, marketing, social media, and mindset. I use these topics and break them down further. For example, with social media – I break them down into different social media platforms that I cover. It could be tips, myths or mistakes.

#4: Caption

Is your message relevant and clear that it also engages with your audience at the same time? I actually do have a framework of how to write a caption that converts. If this is something that you’re interested in, just drop me a DM on Instagram, and let’s take it from there.

#5: Call-to-Action

I know I also included this in the account audit in the bio section, well, in your content, you also need a call to action. Go ahead and take a look at your previous posts and see if you included a CTA that tells your audience to do what you want them to do.

Some of the call-to-actions that you can include on your posts are “save it down to read for later, share it with someone who needs to see this now, double-tap if you agree with me, tag or comment below”.

#6: Alt Text

Make use of this to include keywords. For me, this feature is not working well on my phone because ….. Android phone (My app is always up-to-date). I’ve seen other iPhone users being able to use it with no problems at all. 

#7: Location Tag

I’ve seen the statistics online that posts with a tag location results in a 79% higher engagement compared to the ones who don’t. And what this means for you is to include a location.

#8: Others

For the last part of your content audit, did you include the usage of the other features available on Instagram? The other features that I’m referring to are IG stories, IGTV, IG Live, Reels, Guide and the Highlight Reel. If you haven’t yet, it’s time to include a mixture of all these content on your account. 

Here’s a recap of the two things that you need to do to supercharge your account for success. 

The first one is your account audit and the things that you need to look into is your name, handle, profile, photo website, bio contact info call to action and your privacy settings. 

The second thing that you need to do is your content audit when you look into the brand guidelines or style guide, media content, pillars, caption call to action, the alt text, location tag and the other features that are available on the Instagram platform itself.

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