How To Stop Playing Small & Live The Life You Want

How To Stop Playing Small & Live The Life You Want

Today I’m going to be talking about how to stop playing small and start living the life that you want. Here are 3 key simple shifts that you can do today to live an extraordinary life.

#1: Mindset is key

Do some simple mindset shifts that you can do to reframe your state of mind. I used to be in a position where mindset was just something that I didn’t have to work on so I didn’t grow from there. 

In the past few years, I have been doing so much work on my mindset and it has helped me grow in so many ways. I would love to help you reframe some of the things that you are probably thinking right now. 

If you are thinking that you can’t, I want you to start saying “I can”. When you want to start something new, and you’re thinking, “What if I fail?” Remove all of the “what ifs” and replace it with “do it”. 

Think about all of the positive things that can happen to you, if you decide to do it. Start visualising your future self. What does your life look like if there were no barriers?

Visualisation is so powerful. I’m speaking from the experience of me visualising things on a daily basis. I was a former beauty salon owner. I was very successful in what I did. 

A few years ago, it was a six-figure multi-award-winning beauty salon. I was very unfulfilled because so much time was needed from me. I had to be in the salon physically as clients want to have interaction with the owner and they feel so much more like a very important person when I attend to them. 

As someone who can talk to anyone about anything, I’m so grateful to be part of their lives where they can share their deepest secrets and life experiences with me. But a lot of my time is spent in the salon. I was just drained out and can’t do what I used to enjoy.

This business was born out of passion. This is what I discovered at a young age. I wanted to do it when I graduated from university and so I did it. During those times I started visualising, what if I succeeded to turn from a physical business to an online business, what would life look like? 

I visualise flying to different countries and being able to work from anywhere around the world. I visualise the time that I get to spend with my little one, who was about 3 years old when I had the beauty salon. I was working so much at the salon that I didn’t get to see him often and I miss spending time with him.

I kept visualising on a daily basis what my life would look like when I am an online business owner. I wanted to have a business by design that allows me the flexibility in freedom when it comes to time. I visualised this for a few years and it did come true. 

I’m someone who can tell that you can turn your dreams into reality by just visualising because I am living the life but of course you still need to do the work. Before the global pandemic that we are all in today, I was traveling quite a bit. This was the time before I decided to move to Melbourne, Australia. 

During the two years, I have been traveling back and forth between Melbourne, Australia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Most often people around me were asking, “Kelly, what exactly do you do for work? And how exactly do you work?”

It’s not cheap having to buy air tickets back and forth every other month and traveling to two different countries and spending in Australian dollars. People don’t understand how I am able to still sustain the lifestyle that I’m living. 

At one point, when I was visualising, I wanted a life in Australia. It seemed impossible then to move to a different country but I still carried on with my daily visualisation. Here I am today, I’ve moved to Melbourne, Australia, and I’m still living a life by design and spend time with my little one.

Even with everything that’s happening right now, I’m still able to work from home and nothing has changed. I’m so grateful that I made the step to work on my mindset.

I hope that you can also make that simple shift in your life. Don’t hold yourself back because you can unleash what you already have within you. 

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#2: Don’t let anyone dim your light

You hold the power, it is in you. Don’t listen to anyone who constantly tells you that you can’t. Avoid negative people that pull you away from being the best version of yourself. Don’t ever let them control your decisions. You have the power to decide and tell yourself that you can. 

Here’s a story that I want to share with you about how I did not let anyone dim my light. It was not too long ago that this happened to me. I’ve never, ever shared this because it is just a painful story to share.

It was just not too long ago in 2019 I was told that I wasn’t enough, I am worthless and unambitious. This whole online business thing that I’ve been trying to build is just a whole lot of bullsh*t. I wasn’t going to get anywhere in life and those words really broke me coming from someone so close to me.

I had only two choices, I could either stay stuck and believe what that person said about me, or just believe in myself and to keep going. Guess what, I chose to believe in myself. One and a half years later, I am now a published author, my online business is thriving, the client list is growing and be fully present with my little one.. 

I’m helping women rise to the top and rise up from the darkness. The best thing of all is that I’m able to connect with like-minded people globally where I can share my thoughts and stories with. It’s just so amazing and I am happier than I have ever been. 

By sharing this, I want you to remember that you have the power in you to rise up. This is how I rose from the darkness in my upcoming book called Success Codes. It’s a book about success redefined. This book is going to change lives around the world.

There are 22 amazing women who share their story of what their success code is, and I’m one of them. I can’t wait for you to be able to get a copy of and read this. I want you to know that you can do anything that you put your mind to so don’t let anyone dim your light.

#3: Replace fear with faith

Fear sets in because we are doing things outside of our comfort zone. Most often, we tend to worry about what other people think of us. Instead of worrying about all of the things that we can’t control, have faith in yourself. 

Even if things don’t work out, there are lessons that you can learn from it. It’s not failure, but it’s learning and mistakes that you can avoid in the future. I hope that you do not let fear set into you but let faith take over it so replace fear with faith. 

There you have it, three things on how to stop playing small and just living the life that you want.

PS: My book Success Codes is launching on Sep 3. A book about the secrets to success you weren’t taught in school. Written by 22 amazing women on redefining success.  It will be available for purchase on Amazon. Mark your calendar for a book that is life-changing. Stay tuned for the link to purchase. All proceeds go to a charity – This Is My Brave. Their mission is to help spread awareness and end the stigma around mental illness through storytelling. I would be so grateful for your support in getting a copy of your own or for your loved ones.

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