How To Sell Your Offer On Instagram Now

You might be thinking that more and more people would rather save than spend on services because of the current economic situation.


So does that mean you should slow down on your marketing efforts or stop selling your services? Of course not. In fact, you should double-down!

But as business coaches, consultants, freelancers and online entrepreneurs, this is the best time to market and sell.



This is the time where we show our resilience and the ability to still show up and provide our clients and audience our services more than ever.



Let me share with you 3 Steps To Sell Your Offer On Instagram NOW:



STEP #1 – IDENTIFY and focus on your low ticket offer



Your offer should be….



  • Bite-size
  • Easy to digest
  • Actionable within the week
  • Solves a specific problem



Create a new offer if you don’t have one. This is the time to innovate, adapt and pivot.



Here’s what you can do…



Example 1: 60 minutes strategy session, 30 days 1:1 coaching for support



  • Offer a premium service at an affordable price as your way of showing support for your audience but bear in mind not to discount your actual price.



Example 2: Group coaching for 30 days instead of your usual 6 to 8 weeks program

  • This can be at a lower price than your usual program at a longer period
  • Create a community of like-minded people by having a group coaching. This will allow your clients to build their network of amazing people especially during this time.



Example 3: Mini Trainings or Masterclasses

  • This can be a series of short videos on a “how-to” tutorial
  • A 30 minutes masterclass



STEP #2 – Create CONTENT



Create content to set the scene and not abruptly jump to offering your service, content that tells a story and sells.



Here’s a sample guideline to help you…

  1. Have a short introduction about yourself.
  2. What message would you like to send through?
  3. Mention pain points – What problem or fear would you like them to overcome?
  4. What results and transformation are they getting?
  5. Mention your offer with a sense of urgency. Emphasise how many slots are available and when does the offer end to get them to take action IMMEDIATELY.



Remember: You are the authority in the niche, so lead and help.



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Step #3 – LAUNCH and SELL



Do this for the next 7 days on stories, IGTV, live video and/or your feed. Share everything related to your offer that you have with the content you have created in Step 2.



Have a simple sales funnel. Check out the example below.



Free live video -> low ticket offer -> sale



Go live and share the content you have created. Keep it short but full of golden nuggets. The opportunity to sell comes when you mention at the end of the video with your low ticket offer and subtly steer them to your “link in bio” to get the offer.



Do what makes you feel comfortable, if live videos are not your jam, do stories. If you’re finding it hard to appear on stories, do a post on your feed. There are simply no excuses to show up and sell.



Your landing page should be complete with all the details and a clear ‘Call-To-Action’ for the sale. Keep it simple, straight and no BS.



These are the 3 Steps To Sell Your Offer On Instagram NOW.



Don’t fret and feel guilty about selling because it is OK to do so during this time. Continue to SERVE your audience and keep reminding them that you’ve got their backs! It will be a disservice to your audience for not serving them and providing them a solution to a problem.



They need you, so be there for them as long as possible!



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