How To (Really) Handle Pricing Objections…

Your price is too high….



I would love to work with you but can you give a discount?…



It’s not within my budget…



Have you experienced any of these objections when you tell a prospect client your pricing?



I’ve had my fair share of clients turning down my service due to pricing. And it is no doubt one of the hardest things to handle and navigate through.



I get it….



Pricing is an exchange for your expertise, energy and time. It should never be lowered or discounted to suit your client’s budget. NEVER! And you have either read it online or been told to show the value you provide…



But how?



After many objections, you start to wonder and doubt yourself. DON’T! It is just a matter of understanding your clients’ needs and talking them through. Let me share 3 ways on how to overcome pricing objections.






Put yourself in their shoes. Feel what they feel and address their concerns.



Recently, during a clarity with a potential client about getting some social media work done, she asked me if I’m a mum. The reason behind that question is that she wanted to know if I could empathise with her.



Here’s an example of a script of how you empathise and address the concern:



“I completely understand, I was once in your position…”



Remember this…. Don’t reach out to sell, reach out to empathise. People don’t like to be sold to.






What is the problem you can solve and the transformation or results you can help your client achieve?



This is the time where you show your ability on how you can provide the transformation. You can walk them through case studies of how you have helped your clients get from Point A to Point B. Show that you can bridge the gap and they will pay for the solution to their problem.



Here’s an example of a script demonstrating how you can help your clients:



“ I completely understand. Don’t worry, it’s normal what you are going through. I had two other clients like yourself who were uneasy about the price at first. But once we started working together, [INSERT TRANSFORMATION] ”


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Encourage your audience to take massive action. Words without action will not have results. If any hesitation is shown with them saying “but…”, then do this:



▪️ Empathise and let them know you completely understand where they are coming from.



▪️ Introduce case studies of your clients how they had the same concern but after working together with you, the desired outcome was achieved through taking IMMEDIATE actions.



▪️ Make sure you guide them to the next step in your client journey process and get them to book a clarity call to discuss further on how you can help them. This is the part where you are getting them to take action.



Here’s a script that you can use to get them to take action:



“I understand where you’re coming from and I get you. Some of my clients had the same concerns too but after working together, they have achieved [INSERT TRANSFORMATION]. Would you like to book a clarity call to discuss further on how I can help you?”



You do need to know that not everyone can be your client even if they fit your ideal client avatar. Having a clarity call will allow you to feel if the energy sits right and that you are a great fit working together.



And remember that it is not only about the value you provide but more of the CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION you can help with.



Have you had to handle pricing objections and what have you done to overcome that👇🏼



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