How To Prepare, Survive And Thrive During Tough Times

If there are two things that most entrepreneurs have in common is that they have all gone through times or will face tough times!



It is during these times that we’re being tested with: our patience, our creativity, our resilience and innovation.



And the truth is…



Many businesses are actually discovered during tough times and have thrived since then. With that being said, all is not gloom. We should remain positive at all times.



Let’s take Apple for example, it was in 2001 (during a tough economic time), Steve Jobs came up with a new personal music player, known as the iPod. It was a hit and later on paved the way for other products like the iPhone and iPad helping to reestablish Apple as one of the preeminent consumer product companies in the world.



With that being said, allow me to share with you ways to prepare, survive and thrive during tough times:






Mindset is everything. Instead of curling up on the bed and thinking your business is going down, ask yourself how can I help my tribe at this time? Remember not to make things worse by doing nothing. It is during these times that you need to take action!



As an authority in your niche, always lead by example. If your tribe sees that you are instilling resilience instead of FEAR or WORRY, they will feel empowered and be more confident to show up in their business.



The more you show positivity and encouragement on your Instagram, the more your tribe will appreciate you. Always keep in mind that “What you think becomes things”. So the more you think your business will thrive, the more it will happen (with action taken of course)!



Now that you have additional time on your hands and you have been constantly worrying, here’s a book I recommend that all entrepreneurs read – How to Stop Worry & Start Living Life by Dale Carnegie.



Up to date, it has been the best book I’ve ever read. It teaches simple actionable tips and methods on how to stop worrying and it has truly changed my life.



“Our fatigue is often caused not by work, but by worry, frustration and resentment.” - Dale Carnegie





Do things you have never done before. Use this time to rethink your business strategies and systems. Think of ways to continue helping, providing value and sell if you need to.



Example: If you were planning to launch full-on courses and coaching sessions, you can instead offer mini online training at a friendly rate for the time being.






If you have yet to do any live videos, then this is probably the right time to do that! It’s never a bad idea to go outside of your comfort zone. You’ll never know how much innovation will impact your business until you try doing it. So start today!



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What happens when we get over the hump? Is your business ready to take off? Remember that actions you take today will shape your business’s legacy.



Whatever is going on in the world today is only a short-term event, but what you do today will have long-term effects on your business.



Imagine when you are able to do live videos, provide valuable content and show up to your audience the entire duration of the quarantine – what do you think happens to your business when all this is over?



Your business is ready to take off more than ever!




1️⃣ Reset your frame of mind – turn it around and BE POSITIVE at all times.

2️⃣ Make use of your time to list down the things you can do during this situation. Brainstorm on what help do your audience need now more than ever or you can invest in your personal development

3️⃣ Download my 5 Step Plan For You And Your Business To Prepare, Survive And Thrive 👉 HERE.



If there’s anything I can do to help, please reach out and send me a direct message. I’m here to help, support and guide you through these times. 💛



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