How To Plan Content Faster with AI

Let’s talk about how to plan content faster with AI – CHATGPT. If you have been living under a rock (I hope not!) there has been a huge buzz about CHATGPT. 

In simple words, it is a large language model created by OpenAI and it uses artificial intelligence. It’s a large language model that allows you to understand and respond to human language and it can be used for a variety of applications such as video scripts, podcasts, blog posts content ideas, or even create a social media strategy.

Be sure to read this until the end because the last point will really help you EXPLODE your social media presence. Now let’s dive into how you can plan content faster with CHATGPT.


You are the expert in your niche and of course, have your expert advice to share but sometimes you run into a bit of a creativity block or writer’s block. CHATGPT can be used to generate content ideas just to kick start and stir creativity to be able to start sharing content 

CHATGPT is like your virtual assistant and you need to be very specific with what you want in order to be able to generate the content ideas that are relevant.

The instructions that you type into CHATGPT are called prompts and so when you want to generate content ideas, a prompt like below would really be helpful in order to be able to get quality and relevant content ideas.

Example: Fitness Coach

Give me 10 video ideas for moms who want to lose weight doing easy and quick exercises in 30 days.

And so what will happen is you wait for a bit and CHATGPT will generate the content ideas for you within seconds.

You now have 10 video ideas that you can use for your Instagram Reels or even with long-form video content like YouTube.

Create headline/hooks

You can also create headlines and hooks to use in your caption or even as an email subject line!

Example: Create 3 headlines for number one (referring to the content ideas that were previously generated) OR your can type in  Create 3 headlines for [INSERT CONTENT IDEA]. 

Create captions

You can create captions for your social media posts.


Create an Instagram caption for tip number one (referring to the content ideas that were previously generated) with a call to action OR Create an Instagram caption for  [INSERT CONTENT IDEA].

Now you do want to bear in mind that this is AI- artificial intelligence. It would not know you as the expert person in your niche and doesn’t know your brand, tone of voice, and your personality.

You would still need to go through all of the words that are being used and inject your personality. Whether it is your content ideas, the headlines or hooks, the captions, you want to inject your personality. So you can’t really just copy and paste. Otherwise it’s just going to sound very robotic and very AI-ish.


This can be really helpful, especially when you need help to get started with script writing.

Once you have all of those content ideas that was generated earlier on, you can turn them into scripts for videos and audio. You can either have it in bullet point form scripts or full scripts depending on what you’re using them for and how you want to use them.


Write a video script for a 10-minute full body workout for busy moms or write a podcast script for a 10 minute full body workout for busy moms in bullet points.

With bullet point scripts, you can always expand them with CHATGPT. If you’re the sort of person who can really just have a look at those bullet points and expand and talk as you go. Or if you’re someone who’s really structured and you need more than just a bullet point, then you can get CHATGPT to expand those bullet points and put it together in your script and use it when needed.


With all of the content ideas that you have generated previously, you can turn them into a blog, article or even a newsletter. So you’re not constantly having to create new content all the time.

What you’re doing is just turning that one piece of content idea into different types of content, whether it is long form or short form.


You can use CHATGPT to write content for your other social media platforms. And by doing so, you can 10x your online presence without having to create new content. Instead, you’re repurposing one piece of content that you have just created.


Write an Instagram post based on moms who want to lose weight doing easy and quick exercises in 30 days. Here’s more information [COPY & PASTE EXPANDED CONTENT – BLOG]

And if you want to be more specific, you can include the tips that you already have at hand and complete it with a call to action and include 10 hashtags.So it really depends on what you want to include your caption.

Another example: 

Write a Twitter post based on [INSERT INFO]

You can also double check the character limit. So again, I would use the help of chat GPT.

Copy and paste that Twitter caption that was just generated and get CHATGPT to check whether it is within the Twitter character limit.

And if it’s not, then I would put in another prompt and say generate a Twitter post based on this information [INSERT CAPTION]

Now it’s really tempting to rely on AI tools to create content. However, it’s important to remember that while AI can be a valuable asset, it should not be the sole source of creativity.

You are the expert in your niche and therefore you should be the person that is sharing the expert advice that is truly coming from you.

AI tools can assist you with tasks such as generating ideas and of course helping you save time while doing that. But it’s really human creativity that brings a unique perspective and emotional connection to your content.

Therefore, it’s important to strike a balance between utiliSing AI tools and allowing human creativity, which is your personality and authenticity shine through.

And here’s a recap on how to plan content faster with AI…

  1. Generate content ideas
  2. Help you write scripts – audio/ video
  3. Expand content 
  4. Repurpose content to boost your visibility online

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