How to Get Unstuck in Business (and what to do instead)

How to Get Unstuck in Business (and what to do instead)

Have you ever felt like you can’t seem to get out of a rut you’re in?

Maybe you are …

… going through a writer’s block

… you’re not getting consistent sales and income

…. your programs are not filled up or no one’s signing up at all

… your content’s not taking off

And it feels like you are talking to a wall and you just can’t figure out why. Because of that,  it feels like you’re not progressing no matter what you do!

You are not alone because I’ve been there and so have other business owners and entrepreneurs.

Welcome to the life of a business owner and entrepreneurship.

It is a roller coaster of a journey, exciting and challenging, but I can tell you it is definitely worth it!

We all go through this from time to time and I certainly felt that way a while back through my many years as a business owner. It all comes down to a lot of inner work and having a really strong mindset to stay on the path.

At the beginning of the year, I felt really stuck. And I know how it feels.

So I would love to share with you some of the things that I did that will be helpful to you.

Here are some tips for you…


Reverse engineer how you got to where you are today so that you can understand why you’re feeling stuck. From there you can gain more clarity on the priorities and what to focus on next.

And the best thing to do is to put it down on paper because this will actually help you see things clearly.

You can write down the notes. How did you get from A to B and in between A and B?

How did you get there?

Be free to even put in some drawings, charts, graphs, and things like that so that you can have a really clear view of how you got to where you are today.

You have to clear your mind and free it from what’s keeping you stuck and come back to the present.

It can be challenging because you’re so overwhelmed and you just don’t know how to move away from there.

So step away from your regular routine and do things that you would have never done before!

For example, if you’re not the kind of person who would actually practice meditation, go for it.

Try a session of meditation and moments of silence so that you can come back with a fresh perspective and a clear mind.


Stimulate your mind and do something different!

For example, if you have been traveling the same way home, take a different way and have a change in scenery. Just that little simple shift can make a huge difference!

If you have always been listening to the same playlist, switch it out to something else. Be open to new things! For me what I like to do is open up Spotify and listen to a mixture of different motivational playlists. 

One that actually speaks and repeats positive words of affirmation that can actually bring me back to the path before I got stuck.

ASK YOURSELF what’s really holding you back?

There are going to be a few things that I’m going to share with you..

1. Comparison

According to the dictionary online, the definition of comparison is the compulsion to compare one’s accomplishments to another to determine relative importance.

Now I know you’ll be comparing yourself to your peers, your competition, and you feel that you can’t do or  be like them.

And what I would really love for you to do is to stop comparing yourself to someone who is on page 30 when you are on page 9.

Don’t compare yourself to your peers, your competition or to someone that you look up to who’s already been doing it far longer than you have been.

So it is best that you start looking around and understand that the only competition is you yourself and no one else.

2. Challenges

What are the challenges that you are currently facing?

Could it be that you don’t have enough time?

You’re feeling overwhelmed that it actually stops you from even starting.

So put it down on a piece of paper, journal it out.

What are the challenges that you are currently facing?

3. Fear of Failure

This is probably one of the biggest ones. And yes, even I do fear failure.

According to an online dictionary, fear of failure is insecurity about doing things incorrectly that causes people to unconsciously procrastinate and sabotage the chances for success.

And it also could be things like you worrying about looking silly or just not meeting expectations.

And it’s OK to feel that, but you need to get over the hump of it!

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4. Perfectionism Syndrome

Yes! I am a recovering perfectionist and this is something that I still deal with everyday.

It’s challenging and how I would usually deal with it is that I would constantly remind myself these things:

“Progress over perfection” and “Done is better than perfect.”

For example..

Back then, when I had the idea of starting a new membership for nail technicians, I did everything on my own, including building the website.

The copy for it, and even the content for the membership.

And while I was doing all of that, I forgot the most important thing – to build the audience along the way.

I was so focused on wanting to get the website up and running and it had to be perfect, that it actually went on for about 2-3 months before I finally launched it.

And when I did, I launched the membership to crickets simply because I was just wanting to get everything perfect.

I didn’t build a list.

I didn’t warm up my audience to let them know that I am going to be launching this new membership for nail technicians who are wanting to get more ideas on new art and how to actually do it.

And so of course, that online business failed..

And I moved on from that.

So now how I do it is really different.

For example, just a few weeks ago I went to Sydney for my birthday.

Yes, it was a wonderful celebration and of course the flight got canceled and had 10 hours to kill in the airport. waiting to board the plane.

So when I was at the lounge, I had an idea. So while waiting to board the plane I immediately wrote the outline.

I created a few social images to share on Instagram, prepared a newsletter to send out and I just went with the flow!

I did not bother about getting everything so perfect. It was and still is challenging! 

5. Analysis Paralysis

It is an inability to make a decision due to overthinking.

It could also be information overload.

For example, if you go online to search for a solution for something and there is just so much information from different experts that you are either left overwhelmed or more confused than ever.

Don’t let anything hold you back.

When you have an idea and you know what is involved in in creating it, it could be overwhelming. It might seem a lot to do but trust me, the sacrifices outweigh the challenging times.

What you can do is to remember your “WHY” and the vision.

Can you imagine being able to work from any airport or beach at any time?

You are the person that sets the rules and decides how you want to take charge of your business and life.


As entrepreneurs and business owners, we often forget about self-care because we are constantly on the go, trying to get things done and our life is just so busy.

When you are feeling stuck, do things in between the day for a breather.

For example, during your work time, take short breaks in between.

It can be as simple as walking around the office or doing some star jumps because that gets the blood circulation flowing and going.

You can also disconnect from technology and social media. It helps with your mental health and your well-being.

Know when to actually stop working because your body and mind needs to rest and be prepared for the next day.


Surround yourself with those who want to become more than just average.

Those who want to strive to achieve something great.

Those who empower you and push you to be better.

Those who want to make you raise your standards to a higher level.

Those who you can actually learn from and are driven to succeed.

And also those who make you believe in yourself that you can actually achieve greatness.

Jim Rohn said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with, and so I’m doing exactly that.

I keep my circle small and remove anyone who doesn’t have my best interest.

Anyone who brings in negativity into my world, they’re not in my circle. It is nice to hang out with less than five people in my life.

And I am happy!

5 tips on how to get unstuck in your business and what to do instead…

>> RECAP <<

  • Clear the path.
  • Shift your focus.
  • Ask Yourself what’s really holding you back.
  • Self-Care.
  • Surround yourself with winners.

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