How To Finish 2020 Strong

How To Finish 2020 Strong

We’re just days away from 2021 and I would love to talk about how to finish 2020 strong. The year 2020 was just the year that no one was really expecting.



It was just the year that most of us were forced to pivot, adapt, and really just perform in the situation accordingly. I must say that we have all probably learned a lot from this year, but it’s not over yet.



This is something that I really want you to remember, stars shine in the darkness. The darker the night becomes, the stars will shine brighter. I want you to be the brightest shining star for the coming year 2021 with these 5 ways on how you can finish 2020 strong.




The first way is to check in with yourself. Think about what you have lost gain, discovered and can do better. This will be able to help you outline the goals for the year 2021. You can ask yourself questions like what are your priorities? Could it be self-love time for family or even just business growth?




The second way is to write your goals down. It can be both for your business and in life.



You can use a big piece of paper, like the ones that they use for art where you can brainstorm with a group of people. Write down how you visualize the year 2021 and what are the goals that you would like to achieve.



Once done, use another piece of paper and document it with a pen and paper. Yes, I do know that there’s such a thing as technology. But studies have shown that when you write it down, you actually remember more.



You want to remember more of the goals that you want to achieve, then break it down into milestones that include dates. I like to use Google Sheets and plan by the quarter. At any time, I can refer to that as my main sort of schedule for anything that’s business or personal related.



For my business, I actually have a marketing schedule that I used to refer to at all times. Anything that I would like to launch like my content calendar and other marketing related stuff is dated there.



Don’t be afraid to have dates on your schedule. They are just there for you to be able to plan things and to have a better look at the overview of how your quarter is going to look like. For example, if you missed out a day on launching your free webinar series, it’s okay to move it back a week or two or whatever time that really suits you.



Here are some examples of goals that you can list down to have the energy in launching your offers and to be on the right mindset. What are the new offers that you are creating? What are the launches that you’ll be having throughout the first part of the year? What can you do better in your relationships or personally as a mom, sister, dad, brother, or in your business as a coach or a consultant?




The third way is to avoid negative self-talk. You need to get rid of any limiting beliefs and replace them with the positive side of it.



One easy example is if you keep telling yourself, I can’t do this, shift it to I can do this. When you are positive, everything will just keep flowing in for you. What you really want to do is to step into 2021 with a positive vibe to just set the tone for the new year because the mindset is everything.



Here’s a story of how mindset is really everything. At the start of the year, somewhere around February and March when the pandemic started to take off, I actually started to worry a lot. I started to think about things that have not even happened yet. I worried about every single thing that was just not within my control.



I noticed that I was really in a negative space with a lot of negative self-talk. I got a message from one of my clients that he was no longer able to continue with me anymore because the business was experiencing a huge loss due to the pandemic. I started to worry even more and I noticed that a domino effect actually took place.



One by one, clients started to email me saying the same issue brought by the current situation. With that little shift that I did, everything just flowed in for me –  a few weeks later, I had more clients and one of the biggest done-for-you social media work with a long contract. That is why I said, mindset is everything.



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The fourth way is to remember why. 2020 has been no doubt a challenging year for most of us and remembering your why is really important.



Remember the reasons why you started the business in the first place. Why is it that you wanted to build the coaching business? Why is it that you want to grow online and be able to work remotely, or from anywhere around the world?



One thing that the pandemic has really taught us is that nothing is certain in life. You may lose your job, or even your partner might lose an income overnight. The next best thing that you can do for yourself and your family is to keep going with the business that you have started.



Remember your Why. Why is it that you have to have the best first quarter of 2021 for your family? Take a piece of paper and write down you’re why.



My why in life is my son. It might seem like me being the adult that I am his constant motivator and the adult that is always teaching him the way of life. But in reality, he is my constant motivator. He’s even my biggest podcast fan and this is what keeps me going every single day.



My why is the business is I want to be able to help make a difference especially with people like you. I was once in your position, overwhelmed with so many tasks as an entrepreneur especially in the early stages of the business, not knowing how to navigate on starting and growing a business online.



From experience, I know that if you can get the best help, you will be able to work on your own terms. You can live a life by design, be able to have options in life and most importantly, be able to have time for your family and loved ones.




The fifth way is to find a mentor or an accountability partner. You need all of the support you can to stay on course.



The first thing is you can either invest in a mentor or a coach. Next is to find an accountability partner who can help you stay on course and be hard with you. If you don’t have an accountability partner that doesn’t help you then it defeats the purpose of having one this year alone.



I invested a lot in coaching and personal development because I wanted to grow. I’ve always been in a growth mindset and so I was willing to do anything to get to where I want to be. If you have been thinking of investing in a mentor or a coach, I would just tell you to go for it.



Take the leap, you need someone that can help you get from point A to point B faster than you trying to figure out how to get to point B on your own.



Don’t think twice and just go for it. For me, after investing in a coach, I’ve actually gained more clarity than ever, and also a better outline of how to get to point B faster.



Here’s a recap on how to finish 2020 strong.

  1. Check in with yourself
  2. Write your goals down
  3. Avoid negative self talk
  4. Remember your why
  5. Find a mentor/coach


Go forth, finish 2020 strong and start 2021 with a bang!



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