How To Create Content Like A Boss

When I first started managing the social media for the salon business I had, the first thing I did was to create content to sell.



What else can I write about? Who would want to read about why Brazilian waxing is beneficial for your health or how adding nail art designs can zing your life?



Because it was a new business, I had to sell.



I was in the headspace of  “I want as many bookings” and “I need the sales to cover the costs”. Period. So I never really thought of  planning and creating content that was valuable. It was purely offer after offer.



My staff were trained to upsell each service to a premium service and another upsell to a prepaid package. It was a war zone in the salon. This (the hardcore sales online and offline) worked 13 years ago.



But, this method wouldn’t work on social media now because the landscape of social media evolves at a rapid speed.



The page started getting really salesy and there was no engagement or growth. Only the few who were interested in the promo which really wasn’t my ideal client.



I got extremely frustrated. No sales in the first few months. Zilch.



So this was me… 👇



“I know I need to implement social media for my business but I just don’t have the time…” ⁣



⁣”I don’t know what content to post or I’m running out of ideas and it’s getting very frustrating …”



“Heck no, I’m not delegating this area of the business because no one would understand the business better than me…!”



Does this sound like you?⁣



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These are the most common challenges faced by most new business owners especially during the first few months of their business. ⁣


So now you are in the position where you know…


🎯️Social media content is an essential form of marketing to getting your brand out there but just don’t have the time to create content that is relevant and resonates – you need visibility but how?



🎯 What else can I post other than promoting my services and offers? I’m on a hamster wheel, posting the same things but no one has shown any interest.


🎯️Can’t seem to piece together on how to create content for social media but refuse to delegate this to someone else – You need to have full control and prefer to do it yourself but how do I put everything together without wasting any more of my time?



Well, let me tell you this. You can absolutely nail this on your own. You can come up with a monthly content calendar in under 2 hours.



Here’s my exact framework on how I create content- 3 actionable steps to creating content for your business:





Identify 3 core topics and 5 subcore topics. This already gives you 15 posts to upload every other day in a month which is a fairly good amount to begin with. Quality over quantity.



Let’s say you are in a coaching business, you may come up with content pillars based on social media, entrepreneurship or motivation. You can talk in general for your content pillars. Your subtopic for social media could be facebook, instagram, tik tok and whatever you would like to share.



Create subtopics that educate, inspire, promote and engage. The key to getting more sales is to STOP SELLING and provide content with value.



2️⃣ EXPAND on the content pillars



Now, it’s time to elaborate and create meaningful captions.



Write from the heart and soul, share your knowledge and experiences because that would make you authentic. Dig deeper with your subcore topics and narrow the focus of your ideal clients’ pain point.



Then add relevant and eye-catching images to go with your captions. You can either upload images of yourself or you can download from thousands of free stock photos available online.



Here’s where you can get free stock photos:









It’s always best to create a content calendar for you to have a bird’s eye view of your monthly content. You can do this by using spreadsheet or other tools that give you the option to see your content in calendar view. I’m a big fan of using Google sheets.



⁣3️⃣ SCHEDULE the content! ⁣



You now have the content pillars,, the captions and so it’s time to schedule them! You don’t need to manually post every time. You can choose to use social media scheduling tools so that even if you’re too busy building your empire, your social media presence is in great shape!



Facebook has it’s built-in scheduling tool for business pages, Creator Studio. Great to use but of course it may not have the functionalities or features available on some scheduling platforms.



PRO TIP: Genuine relationships are the key to a successful business. The more your ideal client can relate to you, the more they build trust with you. And trust equals sales.



⁣And that’s how you CREATE CONTENT LIKE A BOSS…

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Now onto you, TAKE ACTION NOW! Create your social media content in under 2 hours. Set it and take the rest of the month focusing on your money-making tasks.



If you are running out of ideas on what content to post, then I have something for you. I have created the ULTIMATE content idea prompts swipe file for the entire year so you won’t have to burn more brain calories (yes there is such a thing!) and spend hours figuring out what to write. Perfect for new coaches and service-based business owners DM to find out more. 

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