How To Completely Rock Your INSTAGRAM STRATEGY

Do you know that you have one of the most powerful tool already on hand to drive leads and sales for your business? Yes, it’s Instagram! It has a massive user base of more than 1 billion worldwide that are active, every single month.



They spend an average of 53 minutes per day on the platform. And 200 million users visit at least one business profile each day. Talk about reach! It continues to grow as one of the most popular social media platforms.



Growing your business on Instagram may seem to be hard work perhaps because of the algorithm. Well, there are no short cuts. Period. Building an organic following means providing value to your audience and keeping them engaged – consistently.



Consistency is key…



Tapping into people’s passions may help you create deeper relationships with your business whether online or offline. Get them immersed with your story and spark inspiration to strengthen that relationship.


While the ongoing COVID-19 situation has brought tremendous economic impact, it has also changed people’s behaviour. More users go and stay online to keep connected with everyone and with almost everything. There has been a huge spike in the usage of Instagram – an increased of 40%!



People more than ever have the need to connect and get inspired. This is your chance to build genuine relationship. Now is the best time to grow organically and share your message. But make sure you get your basics down first.


🔴 POSITION yourself as the LEADER in your niche.



So what does it take to make you an authority that people will trust you? Showcase your experiences, your successes and failures. You may not believe it but even your failures add value to your knowledge and wisdom. It is OK to be vulnerable. What do you specialise in? Zoom in to your strengths. Highlight your qualifications.



Share your unique perspective and make it stand out. Consistently talk about your expertise on your posts and stories. The more you do, the more people will remember you. If you already have, promote your testimonials that will highlight your expertise. This helps people to trust you with what you do.



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Give clarity on what you do and offer in your bio. Make sure it answers your audience’ ultimate question: What’s in it for me?



Some of the other things you can think about is whether you provide the transformation to the problem they have.





Connect. Take the time to leave comments on your followers’ posts and answer questions. But don’t do it just for the sake of it. A string or emojis just doesn’t make the cut. Create meaningful and regular conversations and you’ll gain a loyal following that can extend beyond social media.


Here are the KEY ACTION STEPS you can take:



1. Polish your BIO – It takes a few seconds to make an impression. So, gear up and make your profile convert Instagram visitors into followers. Let it speak to your audience. Make it connect. This is where the “What’s In It For Me?” should be clearly stated. If it gets through the core, they are more likely to follow. Spice it up with your own flavor. Make sure to place your call-to-action.



2. Mind your content – Invest in crafting high-quality compelling content both in feeds and stories. Plan your content and make it consistent with your brand. Write captions that resonates with your audience. Deliver your content at a regular posting schedule so your audience knows when to expect from you.



3. Download my FREE strategy guide to help you jumpstart. INSTAGRAM STRATEGY GUIDE FOR ORGANIC GROWTH 👉


Finally, stay INSPIRED! Continue to find ways to evolve and keep the fun. Stay on top of trends and mix things up a bit to attract new ideal audiences to your account.



Find inspiration in unexpected places. Flex your creativity. Make your everyday moments spark and unexpected. It’s your story. It’s your message. Make it matter.

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