How To Be Seen As An Expert In Your Niche

How To Be Seen As An Expert In Your Niche

The reason you want to be seen as an expert is because you are an expert, right? If this is not clearly shown, then your target audience has no idea who you are, what you do, how you help or that you are an expert in your field. I’m going to be sharing with you some tips on how you can be seen as an expert in your niche. 

#1: Know who your target audience is or your niche

Specialise and narrow down on the one thing that you are great in so you can better understand and focus on that particular skill.

For example, if you have a heart problem, who would you go to? Would it be a heart specialist or a general practitioner? Of course, to the heart specialist because they focus only on the heart and are well versed in understanding your issues and how they can solve the problem that you’re going through. 

Another example, imagine that you’re getting married in a few months and you are on the lookout for a photographer, would you be looking for a general photographer that shoots anything? Or would you be specifically looking for a wedding photographer? 

Most likely you are going to choose a wedding photographer because a general photographer might not be able to capture those moments that you want to keep as memories. You would go for someone who specialised in the area that you’re looking for.

#2: Be a source of valuable content

You have to position yourself as the go to person who can provide reliable and current information. Through this, you can establish your authority and reach your target audience.

Other than just uploading all of the free content you can also offer free masterclasses and challenges that are relevant to your niche. This will show how you are a person with a wealth of knowledge in what you do, and that you are willing to share and to serve. 

If you want to grow a successful business, one of the most important steps towards that is to be able to provide value to your target audience. By doing that your reputation as an expert will exponentially increase. 

Before you get into creating content, do some market research on the pain points that your target is going through. In that way, you can position yourself as an expert by sharing the solutions to those problems, the what and why. 

Once you’ve got them interested in how you have shown them what exactly they’re going through, and why is it that they’re going through that, then you’ll be able to teach them how in your paid programs and services. 

Market research is really important. There are a few ways that you can do this. It can be in the form of asking questions on your Instagram stories, or Facebook groups, mastermind or a community that you are part of. 

#3: Be consistent and reliable

Be active in your community and consistently provide up-to-date information on your specific niche.

To be able to be seen as a leading authority in your niche, you need to make yourself as visible as possible online, just so that people can get to know who you are, and how they can trust your knowledge and your skills. 

Say for the next week, you’re uploading content on Instagram feed, like three to four times a week and the next week or so you’re missing and then the following week, you’re back on for one or two times. This doesn’t make you quite a reliable person with information. 

Be consistent for people to see you as a reliable expert. Don’t just create one piece of content on one platform once a week. Remember the rule of seven, people need to see you a minimum of seven times in order to decide whether they will trust you or do business with you. 

You should aim to regularly post your content online and on several platforms. That’s essentially creating an omni presence online. 

#4: Collaborate

Build relationships with other experts, you can reach out to other experts in your niche or related niches.

You can provide additional value to your community by introducing your followers to other experts. When you do a collaboration with the other expert, you’re expanding your reach, and gaining an even greater visibility, authority and credibility with the other expert’s target audience.

Even if the person is in the same niche or related niche, it is OK, there is a piece of a pie for you when it comes to working with clients as your target audience might be different. 

Shift your mindset and know how you can expand your visibility with collaborations and build great relationships with other experts. 

#5: Get featured on podcasts and publications

The tried and true way of gaining the public’s trust is to have your name featured on a reputable publication. It could be online or offline.

I prefer to have an online presence because these days everybody goes on to Google and puts your name in and searches for you because they want  to know more about you. Your value as an expert in your industry increases as soon as you get published. 

It’s also a method of showing off your expertise and your knowledge of your niche. I’ve been published in a publication and that is what I’ve been doing to position myself as an expert.

Other than publications, you can also be a podcast guest. Podcasting is huge these days, because it is an intimate way of connecting with your target audience. It’s also a very accessible format. 

People usually listen to their podcast on their phone when they are on the way to work or when they are working out. For some mums, when they’re doing house chores. It is an efficient way to learn about someone or to gain more knowledge in such a busy world. 

I’ve been featured in podcasts and in the midst of arranging to be a podcast guest on several podcasts. If you would like to have a guest like me on your podcast, get in touch!

#6: Be a guest writer

There are many guest writing opportunities, all you have to do is do your research to find what is suitable for you.

It is a very useful and powerful way to be seen by other people’s audiences. It’s also great for your SEO as it’ll give you a little bit of a boost because that is a backlink to your website. Remember to include your website. 

I’m a guest writer in an online dental magazine. It’s a magazine where I share my knowledge and expertise on social media and Instagram with dentists who are wanting to get more patients through the power of Instagram. 

#7: You can write a book

When you write a book, you are positioning yourself as a true expert especially when you are a published author. Your visibility as an expert exponentially increases.

I have recently written a book with 21 other women where we share our success codes. This is an international award-winning best selling book on Amazon. 

If you are interested in writing a book and you do not know where to start, get in touch with me because I can definitely share with you my experience of writing a book and how you can too.

Here’s a recap of how to be seen as an expert in your niche:

  1. Know your niche, specialise and niche down. 
  2. Be a source of valuable content. 
  3. Be consistent and reliable. 
  4. Collaborate and build relationships with other experts. 
  5. Get featured on podcasts and publications. 
  6. Be a guest writer. 
  7. Write a book. 

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