How One Hour Can Transform Your Life

How One Hour Can Transform Your Life

In the current situation that we are all in, a lot of people around the world are fighting silent battles. This pandemic has definitely caused people to be less motivated, and even on the verge of a breakdown. I’ve been there not on a breakdown but being less motivated. 

I had to suddenly pivot to managing different roles at home because of having to work from home – The business, homeschooling, and being a mom throughout the day. Having to do all of these and being confined to the house was very challenging and overwhelming. 

Prior to all of this, I used to have a morning routine but stopped practicing as I was feeling flat about what has happened in the past year. Now, I got re-inspired and motivated after reading Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. This is why I wanted to share with you how one hour can really transform your life. 

This book is great, it sparked and ignited something in me that just wanted to get my morning routine up and running again. After doing this for a few days, I feel so much happier, healthier, more energised, and also less stressed. 

If you read about successful people, they have habits that attribute to their success, one of them is their morning routine. For you to get to that, you must create your own habits that can lead you on a path to success. It takes an average of 66 days to form a habit, and for it to be an automatic thing to do. 

One of the examples that I can share with you is my coffee intake. This was not a great habit but I’m just trying to share with you how a habit can form or be removed. For me, I was drinking four to five cups of coffee every two to three hours and my sleep was very much affected.

I depended on that kick of energy due to the various roles that I have been playing. It wasn’t until I went to Tony Robbins – Unleash The Power Within conference. He touched on healthy eating and coffee was not on the list. There was more to it that made me realise that I don’t need coffee for energy. 

After that conference, immediately the next day, I stopped drinking coffee. It has almost been a year now that I have ever wanted or thought about coffee. This shows the power of creating a habit and the motivational drive on wanting to form a good or remove a bad habit.

It became an automatic habit for me after passing the average of 66 days. I no longer reach for my coffee mug. I no longer walk to the coffee machine and instead, I pour myself a glass of warm water. It’s so great to be able to remove the bad habit. 

In the book Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod shared the SAVERS method and this is what I’ve been practising. He has put it in a very organised way that makes my routine easier to do every morning. 

#1: S for Silence

You can either meditate, pray, have a reflection and deep breathing or gratitude. For me, I meditate for 10 minutes and do a daily gratitude. I would always ask myself, what is the one thing that you are grateful for today. 

Meditation was a little bit hard to start off with because you will just sit in silence. My mind wanders, wanting to do something or simply thinking about work.

If you are like me who finds meditation hard, there are meditation apps where you can download to start with guided meditation.

#2: A for Affirmations 

It’s all about positive language, speak as if you are living it. Imagine doing this every morning, “I am a success, I am enough, I have the power, I am in control of my destiny, I can do this.” 

This is reprogramming your brain to be that. I keep telling myself that I can do this and that I am enough every day and guess what, I did it, I turned my dreams into reality. 

I was told some time ago that I could never ever achieve what I want to achieve today so I kept saying that “I can, I am a success”. This led me to helping women rise up and guide them with their business to get unstuck with social media, specifically on Instagram. 

Now, start off by writing down all the affirmations that you will keep reciting every morning. 

#3: V for Visualisation

As I close my eyes, I have traveled around the world and been in big stages with thousands of women cheering me on. I speak and share about empowering women to take inspired action. I have my son in the first row of every speech that I give. As I finish my speech, I put my hand out to reach my audience and thank them. 

By visualising all of this, I can feel all of my energy going through. It brings tears to my eyes because this is the vision that I see in the next five years.

#4: E for Exercise

I exercise daily and it’s a non-negotiable. I would do daily walks, a minimum of 10,000 steps, strength training, and recently I’ve just incorporated yoga. 

Yoga is something that I have done on and off because it requires quite a bit of flexibility. Every time I get into a certain position, it’s a little bit painful because I’m just not as flexible as I used to be.

Also, I’ve hired a personal trainer to help me achieve my goals – to be lean, ripped, and strong. 

Every time you finish an exercise, you feel much lighter, and there’s more clarity and you go on the day with much more energy. 

#5: R for Reading

I love reading. I am thankful to my parents as they have instilled reading at a young age. I used to read books by Enid Blyton and this is why I read a lot until today. I also like moments like winter when I put on a candle and read. It’s so magical for me. 

I read mostly on personal development and growth books. Given the extra time for fiction books, I love reading crime and investigation stories. When I was younger, my ambition was to be a crime scene investigator. 

#6: S for Scribing

I’ve been journaling for a while now. I write in the future as if I’m living that life now. Another part that I include in my journaling is gratitude. I really enjoy writing about the things I’m grateful for. This led me to want to write a book. 

The plan was two years, but the opportunity came sooner than expected. I said yes to that and now I’m a published author of the book called Success Codes. It’s all about the secrets of success that you weren’t taught in school. 

I shared this in one of my articles – From 6 Figures Multi-Award-Winning Beauty Salon Owner To Online Social Media & Content Coach. Here’s the link if you would like to check it out:

Also, if you’d like to purchase your own copy, you can grab yours here:

There you have it! Here’s a recap of the Miracle Morning Routine. S for Silence, A for affirmations, V for Visualisation, E for Exercise, R for Reading and S for Scribing. 

Go for it, try it and make it a routine. It only takes one hour a day to transform your life from darkness to light. 

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