Hacking Happiness, The Millionaire Way

2 weekends ago, I spent a total of four days with Tony Robbins. I spent the four days in total immersion, unleashing the power within me, it was such a great and amazing experience.



What I’ve learned from there is something that I’m going to be sharing with you today. I’ve also just finished reading by Dean Graziosi, on the power of happiness.



These two people are the mentors that I listened to, and just been reading all about their content and what they have to share about happiness. I truly believe that happiness is what leads you to success and it is not the other way around.



I have been there, I have been doing it the other way around where I’ve been chasing my success because I thought that would make me really happy but I was wrong.



When I was younger, I liked to see myself as someone really successful for my age. At that point in time, I had a successful beauty salon that was fully booked most of the time.



We’ve had raving customers, and everybody loves coming to the beauty salon because it is a place where they feel great. It is a place where they can get the best service in town and go out of the beauty salon feeling great and confident.



Because of the salon’s success, I get to enjoy life in a luxurious way but I was not happy. I did not practice any of the success habits and I was just chasing success the other way around. I was thinking that with all the wealth that I’ve built, I will be so happy.



Every time when I do something, all I could think of is that if I achieve a certain milestone or if I manage to buy a certain material, I will be happy. But no, I was not happy.



It took me many years to actually realise that. Now, seeing from a different point of view and seeing things from a different light, I would stress that happiness is really the road to success.



I would love to share with you the five happiness habits that I’ve taken from the book that I’ve recently read by Dean Graziosi.



The first habit is what does happiness look like and feel like to you? It’s time to dig deep and really see and feel what looks like to you if you can. Maybe you can try and visualise what really makes you smile. One that makes your heart beat so fast and makes you so joyful at all times. It could be so many things.



For me, it’s having the time to be able to spend time with my little one because when I was chasing all the wells and the fame during my time working in the beauty salon, I missed all of his milestones.



I miss so many important occasions. I was late and couldn’t really enjoy the entire gathering or any sort of occasion. So now to me happiness is just having quality time with my little one and my family, that’s what happiness means to me.



Other than having the quality time to spend with my little one, I would also love to enjoy time for myself. I’ve never had the time to really relax and just feel the moment and be in the present. For me, happiness now is being able to go to the gym, or even just running, taking a walk and enjoying a breath of fresh air in the park, and just doing all the wonderful things outdoors that I can possibly do.



Now’s the best time to really think what happiness looks like and feels like to you.



The second habit is to focus on a positive outcome. It’s really easy to fall back on the negative and you go down the rabbit hole of questioning why things are not going great for you.



I feel that if you can focus on a positive outcome, you will feel much happier because focusing on all of the negative stuff will only overwhelm you in the future. It’s best to just put a spin to this and think of the positive outcome instead of a negative one.



Let me give you an example of how you can focus on a positive outcome. When the pandemic happened, I was panicking. I didn’t know what life was going to be like during such a pandemic. I am worried about my parents’ situation because they are currently in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and they were in a group that is considered high risk.



Every day I’ve just been worrying over the same thing. Guess what happened to me? I actually fell sick. It was just so unbelievable how when you keep putting things that have not happened yet or all the negative stuff into your mind and what it can do to you.



Try not to focus on anything negative, flip it and make it into something really positive. If you can just visualise it, visualise it in the morning in the afternoon and at night.



Visualisations actually do become reality. I’ve actually experienced how powerful visualisation can be because I have experienced this myself but this is another story for another day.



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The third happiness habit is to practice gratitude. Sometimes little shifts like this can actually give you happiness. We forget about what other people are experiencing in their lives or how to be grateful for what we have in front of us.



An example of that is to think about the things that you can be grateful for. It doesn’t have to be big things in life, it can be small little things, like even the basic necessities that you already have. You have a roof over your head or you have food on the table every single day.



Sometimes you’ve cooked up something that didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to be. Think about it, you have something that some people might.



not have so it’s always good to be grateful. Make that little shift because, with that, you actually smile.



What you can do is you can take two or three minutes or even five minutes and just sit down and breathe. You can write down a list or visualise the list in your head and think, what are you grateful for today? For me, I’m grateful for everything that I have today. I’m grateful for my little one, he’s happy, healthy and he’s enjoying life as it is.



Another thing that I’m grateful for is technology. I’m able to have a video call with my parents and find out how they are doing. In a situation like this, you just want to hold your parents and feel them in real life.



But I am still grateful because I can still communicate with them at least through the wonders of the internet and technology.



Another thing that I’m grateful for is having great friends around me. We are in constant contact all the time. We send each other positive affirmations and always be in the spirit to give each other encouragement to just keep it going.



There are going to be times that you feel, why are bad things happening to you. You might have financial issues or health issues. Whatever the issues that you’re going through, just be grateful for the little things that you have, or that is happening to you today.



One last thing that I would like to mention is that I’m grateful to be alive today. I’m so grateful that every time I wake up, I’m able to breathe and just do the things as I would normally do every single day. Yes, practice gratitude every single day.



The fourth habit is to stop overthinking. It makes you go into an overdrive mode, and you end up worrying and it’s hard to stop doing or to minimise it. I, myself experienced this quite a bit during the past few months. I’ve been constantly thinking about what if and all about things that are beyond my control.



For example, you overthink what lies ahead of your future. Instead of overthinking about what hasn’t happened yet, be in the present and just be in the moment. Go with the flow if you have to. You can’t plan and you can’t control things.



I’m a planner and I like to have a direction in life. Since the pandemic and certain things that have happened in my personal life, I have been overthinking and that hasn’t been any good to me.



My allergies are kicking up all the time and I’m just stressed and unhappy. Stop overthinking with whatever you’re overthinking today, tomorrow, and in the weeks to come, stay happy.



The last habit is don’t be afraid to fail. If you’re too afraid to fail, you’ll be too afraid to try anything in life. If you don’t take risks, you will never be able to learn from experiences and failures and this is just what makes you more successful in everything that you do.



This is a sentence that my mom has always been telling me that failure is the mother of all success. I understand that it is hard to feel it because it can be quite an embarrassment. Perhaps it could be a topic that nobody ever talks about.



I had many online businesses prior to being an Instagram and business coach. It was something that I could never ever tell anybody about because I was too embarrassed to even talk about it because my first business was a success. In my mindset, the second, the third and a fourth would naturally be a success but what I experienced was the total opposite. I’ve had many online businesses and I tried many different methods, models and it didn’t work for me.



Now I’m happy that even though it didn’t work for me, at least I’ve learned through those mistakes. It made me a better person and it made me learn how to plan things properly.



I was just really happy to be able to learn from all of my mistakes, and try not to repeat it and instead grow and learn from there. Don’t be afraid to ever fail.



There you go, the five happiness habits that you can start implementing in your life today. Happiness is an extremely powerful tool. So go for it and make happiness your priority today because you are super in every way.



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