From 6 Figures Multi-Award-Winning Beauty Salon Owner To Online Social Media & Content Coach

From 6 Figures Multi-Award-Winning Beauty Salon Owner To Online Social Media & Content Coach

As of today, I’m officially a published author – an international bestselling author in multiple categories. The book is called Success Codes. It’s all about the secrets to success you weren’t taught in school, written by 22 amazing women from around the world. 

The plan for me was to write a book in two years’ time but the opportunity came sooner than expected. Of course, I said yes!

Here’s what I would love for you to take away from this article is that when an opportunity knocks on your door, open and receive it with open arms. Don’t think about what’s going to happen next, or how you’re going to get this done. Don’t let anything hold you back from saying yes to opportunities that come your way. 

This book has definitely opened up so many opportunities for me whether it is new connections, friendships, potential clients, or just being able to help more women. 

Today I’m going to share with you a bit of an insight as to what I have written in this book, what I used to do, and how I got to where I am to date. 

I was a beauty salon owner who specialised in nails and waxing. I’ve always known from a very young age that I love providing confidence to women inside and out. It has always been a passion. 

I managed that beauty salon for 10 years before deciding to sell it. I wore many hats in the business that led me to be burned out. I was very successful as per society’s definition, but it left me feeling unfulfilled. That is why I sold it even without a backup plan. 

Even though it was my own business, I didn’t want to go to an office every single day. It was just very tiring because my attention was needed in every area of the business. I didn’t want to have a business that would have that sort of lifestyle.


I dabbled in some online businesses because I knew that it would give me more flexibility in time and in location. One of them was a membership site for nail technicians wanting to learn their art and the other was dropshipping. Of course, it didn’t work out. The online business is a whole different ball game even though I had many years of experience as a business owner.

I went to work in a social media agency that paved the path for me to be a freelancer doing social media management. This is how I got to where I am today, being a social media and content coach. 

I provide 1:1 coaching, group programs, and courses to help coaches, service-based entrepreneurs and course creators to get more leads and attract their dream clients. 

With my new title to add to it, I am now a coach and an author. What I wrote in that chapter is about my journey of how I rose from the darkness. In between all of what has happened and how I’ve shared with you, there were so many other things that happened in my life.

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I spoke about redefining success, what success truly means, and how you can step out of your comfort zone to achieve all that you desire. Whether it is financial independence, happiness, or simply just getting out of an unwanted situation. 

My mission is to speak on world stages to help women rise up, step into their power and create the vision that they desire. I want everyone to know that all things are possible and if I can do it, so can you because I am no special unicorn.


This book will awaken and unleash greatness in you. All of the proceeds go to a charity called “This Is My Brave”, an organisation that helps spread awareness and end the stigma surrounding mental illness through storytelling. 

I would love for you to get a copy of the book. If you want to get inspired by these amazing women, you can grab yours here: and remember that you hold the power to define your own success. 

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