Coronavirus Pandemic – What It Means For Your Business And How To Navigate Through These Times

It is a time full of uncertainty, confusion and fear for many people. So what does this mean for your business?



“Do I continue to sell?”…



“Do I continue to launch?”…



“Am I being insensitive to continue with my business as usual?”…



Here are my thoughts on how to navigate through the difficult times and moving forward…



🔴 Don’t put your business on hold. During this time, you can start to strategise and plan for your business.



🔴 Continue to focus on your marketing to grow your audience and build the relationship with them.



🔴 Build your aligned tribe. Ask them how they are doing and coping. It is a time that we all need human connection more so than ever when social distancing has been implemented. Now’s the time to engage!



🔴 Be mindful with the tone of the voice through your message on social media.



🔴 Adapt and pivot. Do what you feel is best in this situation. Follow your intuition. If you feel the need to launch your offer, launch it.



If you don’t feel good about it and you’re feeling some resistance, then perhaps reconsider the launch date and offer a free online masterclass instead, something for your audience to focus on during their free time whilst in self-quarantine especially for those in countries who are experiencing lockdowns.



And you might be wondering…



“Kelly, If people have all the time right now, isn’t now the best time to launch and sell my offers? …



Well, we are going through a global pandemic. It is natural for people to spend less. Investing in their business or personal growth may not be their top priority at the moment.



They need to keep their funds for a rainy day and have adopted the “wait-and-see” approach. There is a lot of uncertainty. Budgets are being cut. Redundancies are happening for businesses to stay afloat.



People are worried. Their main priority now is that they have the basic necessities in place.



Whilst all this is happening around us now, keep serving from a place of love and compassion. Be empathetic with the current situation.



If you have organised a coaching session, mastermind, retreat or anything that requires an in-person communication, be accommodating and flexible. Offer a credit for another course you have or simply offer a refund if you don’t have an alternative solution. Don’t try to hold on to the money. Kindness goes a long way.



When things start to pick up, your audiences and clients will be ever ready to buy from you. Keep the positivity going because things will be OK. Don’t panic and be the calm amidst the storm



I hope this has given you a better direction and clarity on what to do next with your business.



If there’s anything I can do to help, please reach out and send me a direct message. For now, stay safe, keep washing your hands, self-quarantine (if you need to) and do not hoard all the toilet rolls.



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