Content Ideas Without Showing Your Face

Content Ideas Without Showing Your Face

Today, I’m going to share with you more content ideas without showing your face for Reels, TikTok or even just for any type of video content. Reels have been around for a year now and it’s still by far one of the best features that can help you explode your reach and growth on Instagram.

If you’re new to Instagram Reels, I’m going to link my previous article which is Instagram Reels for Business here for you to know more about how Instagram Reels can really help your business.

The reason why I’m sharing more content ideas like this is because all of the Reels on my Instagram related to this topic blew up. I created 5 Reels and based on the data in my insights, people are absolutely loving these content ideas without having to show your face. 

I get it and understand that Reels is not for everybody, because not everybody wants to show up on video. This was the case for me too. At the very beginning of my business, I was very scared of showing up on video because I was just a shy and introverted person.

When it comes to Instagram, Reels is all about practice and feeling comfortable in front of the camera. As time goes by, I really am now comfortable being on a video. It’s just all about practice and knowing what to do with all of the features and how to navigate around Reels. 

Lately, I’ve been talking so much about Reels, because it is such a great way to obtain organic reach. Most of the social media platforms these days are pay-to-play. If you don’t spend money on paid ads, you are probably not reaching as many people as you want to. 

Based on some insights and data of some of the social media platforms with organic reach, your content is probably reaching about 1% or even less of the total followers that you have. This means, what you are sharing is not reaching all or most of your audience.

This is not the case in Reels, it is a feature that gives you so much organic reach because they want this feature to work on the platform. This is why I’ve been talking so much about Instagram Reels for you to not miss out on this opportunity to fully utilise the feature and benefits. 

You don’t have to show your face on Reels because I’ll be sharing with you content ideas today that you can easily create and execute. Here is the second part of content ideas without showing your face:

#1: Text Animation And Voice Over 

You can tell a story that inspires or educates with text animation. 

For example, if you want to do a day in the life of a business coach and show your morning routine, the first thing that you do is when you wake up is you make yourself a cup of coffee, right?

You can think out of the box. You don’t have to show yourself making a cup of coffee. You can record a video clip of your hand stirring a cup of coffee without your face.

During a workout session, if you are alone watching YouTube and following a workout session, you can record that for a bit. In your words, you can say “My workout session for 10 minutes”.

These are some examples of how you are not showing your face, but still letting people into your life and knowing what a day in life is as a business coach. 

#2: Whiteboard Infographic

You can show a method or a diagram of a topic you would like to teach or guide. If you don’t have a whiteboard, you can always use a huge piece of paper and start drawing and explaining a method that you use. 

People find this visually appealing because it feels like they are in school or in class with a teacher who’s teaching them how to do it exactly in a step-by-step method.

#3: Video Slideshow

You can show snippets of your masterclass or offers, or even behind the scenes. People like to see what you do to come up with the end product.

#4: Stories Combination

If you are on Instagram stories doing a mini training, you can save a few of them down and put it on Reels. It’s one way of repurposing your content without having to do more than what you need to do. 

#5: Inspiration

When it comes to inspiration, you can share your favorite books of the month, or podcasts that you listen to. 

If you love to read books, you can take a few video clips of your hand holding those books. If you don’t have the physical books, you can take screenshots of the book cover on your device and compile them into a video. 

That’s how you can share your favorite books of the month and it’s the same with the podcasts that you listen to. Take screenshots of them, put them into a video and share them. 

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#6: Opt In

Show your audience what your opt-in is about. 

For example, if you have an opt-in of an ebook, you can open up your ebook, scroll through and convert that into a Reel. Show them the process of how to opt-in for that freebie that you’re giving away. This gives them a little bit of insight as to what they are going to be opting in.

#7: Step-By-Step Process 

You can show a step-by-step process of a certain topic you would like to share, like how to work with you. 

For example, if you’re talking about your 1:1 coaching program, you have a call to action of “Sign up Now”. It sounds simple to just click the button to sign up but for some people that’s on your website looking at it, when they click the Sign up button, they’re not sure what happens next.

You need to make it simple for them to sign up with you by letting them know that they can start working with you in like three simple steps. Number one, do this. Number two, do that. Number three, do that. 

When you show them that step-by step-process, it simplifies everything and cuts out any objection. 

#8: Bloopers

You can put in a compilation of the videos that didn’t make the cut for the final Reel. I’m pretty sure that everybody would have recorded a few times because like me, it usually takes a few takes in order to get the final one. 

It could be in the middle of filming a Reel and somebody interrupts. These are the types of content that keep your audience entertained and relatable and want to come back for more. This is also another way of showing the authentic part of you that nobody gets to see because these are most often kept away.

#9: Podcast Episode 

You can share your podcast episode or a snippet of your podcast content on Reel. 

You can create an audiogram of up to 60 seconds to give your audience a little bit more of what this episode is really about. Then they can decide if they are interested in wanting to listen to the full podcast episode.

#10: Tool Or App Review

You can do a screen recording of you navigating around the tool or the app and giving your thoughts about it. You can also share the pros, cons, and what you have been enjoying with this tool or app.

It has to be something that’s beneficial to your audience to help them simplify something in their business or in their life.

There you have it, content ideas without showing your face part 2. I would love to see the Reels that you create. If you have found these content ideas helpful to you and you have created a Reel, tag me on Instagram @kellytalkssocial so that I can go and take a look at your creation. 

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