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I totally get you if you just don’t feel like dancing for Instagram Reels. If you’re just not up for it, I’m going to be sharing with you the different creative ways that you can actually create content for Instagram Reels.



Reels is the place where you want to put in the effort now in order to boost organic growth and visibility.



The first one is the most basic and easiest one that I’m so sure that you’ll be able to do. The first one is to point your finger. For example, you can share tips on a certain topic.



So 3 tips on how you can optimise your Instagram bio, just stand in front of the camera, smile, of course, and point to three different areas within the video.



When you are pointing remember that there are two dimensions on Instagram Reels that your audiences are viewing. The first one is the 4 by 5 ratio, that’s how your audience is actually viewing through your Instagram feed. The second dimension is the Instagram Reels itself, which is the Instagram Stories dimension of 9 by 16 ratio.



You have to bear in mind that when you’re pointing your finger, you are going to be putting the text where your finger points. You have to ensure that your text is within the 4 by 5 ratio so that you are able to target the two different viewers, which is the 4 by 5 ratio and the 9 by 16 ratio to ensure that your information is not cut off.



Don’t forget to select music that actually has the same beat as when you are pointing your finger.



The second content that you can create for Instagram Reels is using the green screen effect. You can locate the effect on the left-hand side of the screen where you see a face and a plus sign at the little top.



Click on it and you’ll see all the different filters as usual. Now, if the green screen effect is not located there, swipe it to the left all the way to the end.



You notice that there is an area where you can add effects, click on that. A screen will pop up and all you have to do is search for the green screen effect.



Click on the magnifying glass, type in green screen and you’ll be able to see the green screen effect by Instagram. Make sure that you use the green screen effect that has been produced by Instagram itself.



Now, how are you really going to use the green screen effect? What you can do is you add a media and put up a picture about a topic that you’re going to be talking about.



Once you have that there, then you will be appearing in front of the screen and that as your background and you can be a teacher for the day. Teach and educate your audience about a certain topic that you would like them to really benefit from.



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The third type of content that you can create is a day in the life. If you’re a fitness coach, a business coach, mindset coach, show your audience what a day in the life of what you do every single day.



For example, I can create a video of myself doing a morning routine and what goes on throughout the day. How work is like behind the scenes of my office, my home office, and what it’s like to be a full-time mom juggling between working and homeschooling.



You can even show what you do outside of work. Your daily routines with your kid or kids. For me, it’s just one at the moment. Sometimes I do like to share what I do with my little one after school activities, like enjoying football and just watching him enjoy his time in the park, and followed by dinner, and bedtime.



It’s just really showing what it is like to be in your shoes. I can tell you content like this excites and interests people because it’s just they are curious about what you do in a day. Go ahead and share what it’s like a day in the life of being you.



The fourth type of content is transformation. There are two ways of showing it. The first one is you can jump and change into different outfits, it’s not dancing, it’s just jumping. Just make sure your editing shows that you’re jumping into your new clothes.



If you want to feature yourself, I’m going to give you an example of a simple video of me waking up in the morning in my pyjamas without makeup. Then I can jump and change into a new set of outfit with me looking all corporate or even all whatever that you wear to work. It’s just showing a before and after sort of transformation.



So the second transformation is showing how your clients view after working with you. You could pretend to be two different persons.



The first scene will be you talking to your clients asking certain questions, what the problem is and how you can help them achieve. The second scene is still you but in a different outfit, pretending to be a client and pretending to just do the work and get everything done as what you have mentioned.



Show the outcome of your client feeling extremely grateful that they’ve decided to work with you especially with the help of your services and the offer that you have.



The fifth type of content is just filming yourself in front of the camera talking for about 30 seconds. It’s no difference how you do Instagram Stories, is just you talking for up to 30 seconds.



You can even use two of your Instagram stories and put them together in real-time and simply edit it and put any information when necessary.



It is easy to create content for Instagram Reels that doesn’t require any dancing. But if you see me dancing on my Instagram Reels is because I really enjoy dancing. It makes me happy. It gets me into peak state as what Tony Robbins describes it and puts me in a positive motion throughout the day.



Everybody is just watching what I’m doing on a daily basis and it somehow makes me feel a little bit shy, not knowing if I should put this out there. But after having a goal at my first video, and that was on TikTok, it was just so much fun that I’ve continued to actually dance on it. The most important part was that I actually did enjoy dancing and having a ball at creating the content.



It’s all good if you don’t want to dance for your content on Instagram reels. Just don’t miss the boat on Instagram Reels because of the organic reach that you can potentially have with your account.



I hope this has helped you in some way to get you going with Instagram reels. With Instagram reels being the latest feature, I would love to create a 30-day challenge. If this challenge is something that you’re interested in, drop me a DM on Instagram so that I can put everything together and let you know when the challenge starts.



I would really love to help you with a list of ideas that you can easily create for Instagram Reels.



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