9 Instagram Story Ideas For When You Want To Sell

9 Instagram Story Ideas For When You Want To Sell

Today I’m going to be sharing with you 9 Instagram Stories ideas for when you want to sell your offers, courses, digital products and coaching services without sounding salesy.



#1: Lead Magnet

The first story that you can share is the lead magnet or the freebie that you have. 



You can either do a webinar masterclass, live training, or even a mini-training on stories. Anything that feels aligned to you that will help you build your email list so you’ll be able to nurture your ideal clients and eventually sell to them, whatever you have to offer at a later stage. 



#2: Your Story

You can share your story as a coach, entrepreneur, or business owner. In my previous article, I spoke about the power of storytelling and why you need to share your story. I’ve shared this on my podcast as well, you may refer to the link below to listen to it.



Podcast Episode 22: Why You Need To Share Your Story https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-022-why-you-need-to-share-your-story/id1523700908?i=1000510078970



Sharing your story is a really powerful tool to let your audience connect to you, and be able to resonate and be inspired. If you’re not comfortable sharing the full story, then share just the sort of shorter version or as much as you are comfortable with. 



#3: Why You Created The Offer

You have to talk as if you are talking directly to your ideal client. Talk about the struggles or main points. When you mention your offer at the end, there is nothing that’s holding them back from wanting to buy from you or sign up with you. 



#4: How You Can Help Your Audience

Talk about the Why and What of a certain topic, and let them know that you can help them with the How-To. It’s like building up the momentum, letting them know the problem and how you can provide the solution at the end or what transformation you can provide to them.



#5: Behind The Scenes

When creating your offer or when you’re about to launch, show teasers of what will happen six to eight weeks later. Show them behind the scenes, as this will start to create curiosity, interest, and build up the momentum towards the time that you’re going to sell your offer.



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#6: Launch of Your Offer

Give your ideal clients as many details as you can and focus more on the benefits and the transformation. You can talk about what’s included in your program or coaching services but focus more on the benefits as that’s what they want to know. Are there going to be any results from signing up for this offer with you? 



#7: Testimonials

This is one of the best content that you can share on stories or anywhere on your social platforms because this is where you gain trust.



This will also give an impression to others that by working with you or signing up for your cause or your coaching services, you are able to be able to provide the results and transformations since there are people who have already experienced that. 



#8: Reels

This is basically repurposing your content. Whatever content from the first to the seventh idea that I’ve shared with you, you can do that in a video format like reels and repurpose it onto your stories. When you do this, don’t forget to add some interactive stickers as these will encourage engagement. 



#9: Keep Sharing Your Offer

Keep sharing and talking about your offer. What is it about? How is your coaching program going to help them? Will there be a transformation? Are you getting them from point A to point B? Keep talking about it. 



I know that sometimes it’s hard because you just don’t want your followers to think that you are constantly selling to them. If you don’t talk about your offer, your audience doesn’t know that you have an offer on the table. I want you to flip the script and think about it more on a positive note instead of a negative one.



I completely understand how you feel because there are times that I feel the same way too. I go into a mode of what if I share and talk about my offer non-stop on Stories every single day and my followers might start to unfollow me? I will see less engagement, fewer views on my Instagram stories, but I tell myself it’s okay because if that happens, that’s not my ideal client. 



There you have it, 9 Instagram Story ideas for when you want to sell.



Go ahead and start sharing all of these content ideas that I have just shared with you and let me know how that went for you.



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