7 Video Content That Attracts More Leads Like Crazy

7 Video Content That Attracts More Leads Like Crazy

Today, I will be sharing with you the 7 video content that attracts more leads.

Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri shared that Instagram is no longer just a photo-sharing app and outlined that the platform’s priority is video content, especially with Reels. 

Do you know that you can repurpose Reels onto other social media platforms to attract more leads? I spoke about this in my previous episode, episode 62, My Secret Method to Insane Organic Reach. Here’s the link to listen to the podcast episode now:


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Before we dive into the 7 video content ideas, I’m going to be sharing with you the three best practices for video content. 

1️⃣ KISS – Keep It Simple, Sweetheart. Provide short snippets of valuable information and elaborate on this in the caption.  I find videos that are 7 seconds and below worked well for me. Go ahead and experiment with the different lengths of videos that will work well for you (and that means what your audience really wants to watch).

2️⃣ Ensure that you also include a call to action to direct your audience to the next step you want them to take.

3️⃣ The most important part is that you do YOU! Be your authentic self. You can be raw and vulnerable just like how you would be with your best friend or family. 

Remember that every piece of content you put out there must have a purpose. Don’t post for the sake of posting, especially with Reels where you see people doing the 30-day challenge and they’re posting daily and you think that might help your business.

In reality, if you don’t have a purposeful video or type of content that your audience doesn’t resonate with, it might do more harm than good. Or even waste your time!

The purpose of these videos is for your audience to get to know you. It is the first step of building the relationship – know, like, and trust where you attract them as your leads, slowly leading them into being your hot leads and eventually turning them into actual customers.

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#1: Introducing yourself and your business

Include your story, your experiences, and background about your business, your why, and how you can actually help your audience. 

#2: Case study or client testimonials

Invite your client onto a video and talk about the journey, the stats, how they feel about the course or program, and the difference you’ve made in their lives and business. 

#3: Product suite

Most of the time you might be wondering why you’re not getting any sales or why you are not getting any leads? Why is there no one interacting with you when it comes to the offers and programs that you have?

Maybe because you haven’t introduced them to your product suite. Start from the low ticket offer to the high ticket offer because not everyone will be comfortable with your high ticket offer right from the start as they don’t know you yet.

Take them through from the free resources up until the high ticket offer that you have and let them know for each product that you have, and who is it perfect for so you have everything laid out in front of them and they don’t have to crack their head and decide which one suits them best. 

#4: Current offer or launch

It could be about your new program, membership, or even digital products where you have an early bird or a founding member/ student offer. 

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#5: Behind the scenes 

Walk them through the experience of creating your flagship program, doing workshops, coaching calls, and/or your digital products (free or paid). 

#6: Tips and hacks

Share a step-by-step tutorial on how to do something. A time-saving solution or a quick win for your audience who don’t have enough time to juggle different tasks in a day.

#7: Mistakes and myths

Share the mistakes that you learned along the way that can help your audience achieve their goals faster so that they don’t have to waste their time making the same mistakes that you did.

Another idea is that you can bust some myths and change their mindset. Instead of just staying where they are, they’re making a head start in doing something they thought was not right or great to implement.

When you bust myths, you’re putting yourself as the authoritative figure. Telling them this is not true, and this is what you should do instead. 

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