7 Rookie Mistakes You Are Making On IG (And How To Avoid Them)

Have you been …



…. Publishing killer content on the fly?



…. Using hashtags like a Queen?



…. Creating captions like a Boss?



…. Spending hours on engaging and scrolling away?



BUT have yet to achieve the desired results? 



To succeed with Instagram, here are 7 rookie mistakes you need to know and how you can avoid them.






One of the foundations of Instagram success is that you have a clear focus of who you are talking to. Niche it down!



Does your profile tell your audience what you and how you can help them?



Are you providing content that is valuable and shareable information with an intent and purpose.






There is only 1 clickable link area available on Instagram.So make  full use of the only space where you can direct your audience to take action. A free tool that you can explore is Linktr.ee.



You can connect your audiences to all of your content and offers that you have. In that way, you won’t have to constantly update that link as and when you content’s CTA changes.






Providing quality and relevant content establishes your authority in your niche. It is better to have content that is valuable instead of content that are just fillers for the sake of posting.






Have you been posting every day for a week but feel that nothing is working right? Instagram is a marathon and not a sprint.



Create a content calendar, plan out your content on a weekly or monthly basis and stick to it. Consistency is key. The algorithm rewards content that is timely. So, KEEP SHOWING UP!



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Hashtags are a vital part of your Instagram strategy. Here are the basics of using hashtags the right way:



  • Research first. Use related hashtags that would reflect your content and image.
  • Makes Sense. Hashtags are one way to have your Instagram content be discoverable. So, include hashtags that makes sense.
  • Use relevant and specific hashtags. Use long-tail hashtags. Narrow down on specific words your audience would type in the search bar.



Include anywhere between 20-30 hashtags each post for more reach and engagement. Create a few groups of hashtags and rotate the usage between the posts. If you are on stories, include 2 to 3 hashtags as well. The right hashtags can put you in front of the right audience. Be sure to use hashtags strategically.






You uploaded a SUPER post today and this happens…



… There were the sound of crickets



… Did not get the engagement as expected



…. No action was taken



…. Your hands up in the air wondering if the algorithm is playing tricks on you!



Here’s how the human mind works. You have to tell them what to do next by including a call-to-action in your post. Take them onto the next step of your customer value journey!



Here are some examples of CTAs you can use..



👉 Download Now

👉 Book A Strategy Call Now

👉 Join My Masterclass Today

👉 Get Started

👉 Register Now






You have a powerful feature that you can take advantage of as a business account on Instagram – the Insights. Head over to the hamburger menu, and tap on “Insights”



From there, you will be able to find out when your audience is most active on Instagram. Post during those times and you will have a higher chance of better engagement and reach.



So these are the 7 Rookie Mistakes that you may have been doing without realising.



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