6 Powerful Ways To Beat Content Burnout

6 Powerful Ways To Beat Content Burnout

Today, I’m going to be sharing with you 6 powerful ways to beat content burnout and what to do instead. 

When it comes to creating content for your social media, there can come a time when coming up with new ideas becomes a struggle. Yes, the struggle is real!

You are stuck in a rut, which leaves you not being able to publish any content for a while and I’ve been there. In fact, this happened to me in the last few months and this was what I did. 

To beat content burnout, here are 6 powerful ways: 

1/ Don’t be afraid to ask for help

You can outsource this to a VA to help you take off the load so that you can focus on your zone of genius. This gives you downtime or a break in between to spark that creativity.

I used to be so afraid to ask for help because it made me feel like I wasn’t the expert but after some reflection and some mindset shifts, it is okay to ask for help.

You can also communicate with your community and ask them questions like what are the topics or questions that they have in mind. Their answers can be content for you that you can expand based on your expertise and experiences.

One way of doing it is by using the Stories feature on Instagram. You can use the stickers to generate engagement by asking questions, polls, or even quizzes. 

This is one of the best ways because these are the problems that they are facing and as the expert, you can provide the solution, which is the answer to their problems. 

2/ Maintain healthy habits

This is really important because it gives you the flow and energy to come up with content ideas. To create a morning routine that suits you, it can be as short as 10 minutes or even an hour. 

Have something that allows you to move your body, it could be in a form of exercise, dancing, or anything that will help you set the day.

Another thing that you can do is journaling. Journal all your thoughts and feelings or even future pace that you can visualise. What is it that you want to achieve in the future? Or what is it that you want to do today? 

You can also have some mindset shifts. If you have in a way feel the negative energy in the morning, perhaps you want to tweak it a little bit and shift to something positive. Think about the good things coming your way. Always have positive language, this helps to set the body and mind for the day.

Once this becomes a habit, you are unstoppable. You will be more productive and filled with energy. In that way, it’ll spark creativity for you. 

3/ Have a plan

A content plan that allows you to plan ahead and have an overview for the week, month, or year. Make use of a content calendar. The key is to understand what are the topics of expertise you would like to share.

If this is something that you would like to see, I can share with you what a content calendar looks like (just drop me a DM) so that you can create one for yourself, I do have a content calendar that I use for all of my private clients. 

In Episode 48 of my podcast, I spoke about how to create an Instagram content plan. Here’s the link that covers a step-by-step guide to help you plan and create one.


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4/ Get inspired

There are online tools which you can get inspiration from. Here are four ways that you can get unlimited content ideas. The first one is to Tweak Your Business. It’s a website where you can generate titles or headlines that you can use for your Instagram Reels or Instagram content itself. You can also try Answer The Public, Google Trends and Reels or TikTok 

In Episode 51, I talked about the four ways to get unlimited content ideas. Click this link to help you plan what to put on your social media content.


5/ Market research

Join a few Facebook groups where your ideal clients hang out, look through the posts, comments, and questions that you can create content out of. 

Here’s a super tip. Answer some questions you see on the Facebook group because you are positioning yourself as the expert. In that way, it will also allow other members to know who you are. 

Once they know who you are, they will go and check you out and from there, you’ might be able to gain a follower. After a while of nurturing that audience who knows he/she might even be a client in the end.

Allocate an hour to do this, so that you don’t go down the rabbit hole and end up not accomplishing the task at hand. 

6/ Invest in a coach or mentor

A coach or mentor is someone who can show you the way and guide you as to what content you should be creating. It is great to have someone to bounce ideas off and to actually get the work done.

A coach or mentor can also keep you accountable, and have a step-by-step action plan that guides you towards the goal.

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I’ve worked with businesses where one has generated 77 signups for a high ticket offer during the pre-launch. The course was sold out way before the course’s official launch and start date.

Another client of mine who wanted to start a membership and monetise his free Facebook group managed to get 9 people signing up for his membership on the day of his launch. This shows you the power of investing in a coach or mentor who will champion you to your success.

There you have it, the 6 powerful ways to beat content burnout and what to do instead to get your content groove back.

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