5 Powerful Strategies To Future Proof Your Business

All of us got thrown into a whirlwind of uncertainty with the pandemic. We didn’t see this coming.



It has significantly altered your audiences’ mindsets, priorities, buying habits and spending powers.



Consumer attitudes and behaviors before this crisis are not likely to return anytime soon until a proven treatment is developed. Where we are now may seem like unchartered territory.



However, a quick look at history proves we have been here before. And the lesson we learn from this is that after winter always comes spring.



Many businesses have not only survived but thrived and grew. Those that did were keen enough to find ways to future proof themselves, keeping their services valuable and accessible to their market at all times.



1️⃣ Learn, Unlearn & Relearn



One VERY important question to ask yourself,  How am I going to thrive, evolve and survive this? By having a growth mindset and embracing the new normal!



Just look at Disney, the giant entertainment corporation. It may have shut down all of its major revenue engines like its theme parks and theater releases, yet it continues to make billions through its online streaming of Disney+.



Small businesses can thrive and survive as well. The key is innovation. Finding a better fit to our current reality.



For example, gym memberships may have declined, but the demand for online fitness options may increase.



Bottom line is, whatever business you are in, you just have to find a way to take your business online and deliver your services remotely.



2️⃣ Charge What You’re Worth



Being the cheapest is the worst business strategy ever. You will be building a dangerous foundation of customers who will leave you the moment a cheaper one comes along. This strategy is high-risk with low return.



You may have to constantly find ways to lower your overhead expenses, cut corners and speed things up. And then what? All these to attract the least loyal profile of clients in the world. Those who will switch from one provider to another in a quest for the cheapest prices.



It may be easy to attract customers by reducing your prices but it will be unsustainable in the long run.



And, if you’re going to be the most expensive, you’ve got to be the best and can deliver!



3️⃣ Create experiences



Client experience has become a top priority for businesses. It has overtaken price and service as the key brand differentiator. The business with the best experience wins.



Clients stay loyal to the company due to the experience they receive. One example is making the sales process as flawless and as easy as possible.



Having clearly marked pricing and taking the time to answer any of your customer queries to help with their decision-making process is all part of that experience. One happy client can mean more referrals in return.



4️⃣ Build a bullet-proof personal brand



Your personal brand is your single, greatest business asset. It’s how you manage who you are and how you lead your clients.



Let’s say you’re a mindset coach. How you manage the whole sales process, the value you add through expert advice and exceptional communication skills, the integrity you bring and the manner you handle expectations are all part of that brand.



Your personal style and choices and your online presence are all cohesive parts of your branding as well. All these should align with the kind of results you achieve for your clients.



5️⃣ Stay relevant



In a rapidly changing world where we can be irrelevant in a heartbeat, we need to constantly evolve to meet our client needs of tomorrow.



In business, staying relevant is key to survival. If you fail to adapt, your customers will find a business that will. You need to thrive despite new situations, circumstances or demands.



Let’s say you’ve been used to traditional marketing methods. Now is the time to think about venturing into online marketing strategies.



Because of technology changes and the pandemic that kept most people online, you must keep up and get digitally connected to your clients.



Think about the media distributors. They have moved from tapes to discs to smaller discs to digital downloads and now streaming ― all to stay relevant in this digital age.



As new business realities emerge, how well you rebound in the new normal and are able to grow and restore your client base will be defined by the thoughtful, forward-looking actions and strategies you put in place to future-proof your business.



It’s time to live a life full of abundance by future-proofing your business.



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