5 Easy Ways To Repurpose IG Content Into Short-Form Video

5 Easy Ways To Repurpose IG Content Into Short-Form Video

As a busy business owner, creating new content all the time is no doubt challenging. 

I’m going to be sharing with you how you can expand the life of the published content that is already on your feed and increase its reach. The trick is to repurpose, which is also known as recycling old content.

You might be wondering, “why would people want to read the same content, again?

Here are the reasons why you want to repurpose content:

1/ Save time

Business owners, or even new business owners, you have to research on what to post next. Even just to create the content itself, write the caption, research on the hashtags, create the image to go with it, all of that takes time and this is at least 4 to 6 hours a week so this is why repurposing content is great. 

2/ Repeat your message

Not everyone is going to see your posts so repetition is key. Have you heard of the marketing rule of seven? It means that your audience needs to see it at least 7 times to remember or to even understand your message. 

In this day of social media, it is going to be more than 7 times because you have to stand out from the crowd. It’s a very noisy and busy world with everybody trying to tell you all about themselves, share all the value and offers.

3/ Revive all posts

Use ones that have performed really well. For those that didn’t perform so well, tweak it and see how it works with your audience.


4/ Reach wider and new audiences

Everyone has a preference in absorbing information. Some like to look at static images, or, browse through the carousels and videos.


Now that I’ve given you all the reasons why you should start repurposing your content, you might be wondering how you can do it? 

Here are the 5 easy ways to repurpose your Instagram content into short-form videos like Reels to boost your organic reach and visibility. 

#1: Use your stories or your highlights

Head down to your stories archive and save some of the videos. It can be like mini training, tips, how-tos, and even your offers and services. Share ways to work with you just to let people know how you can help them and if they missed out, they can watch it on your Reels. 

Instagram just released a feature where you can convert your Story Highlights into Reels. All you have to do is just head to your Highlights and tap on it. On the bottom corner on the right-hand side you’ll notice that there are three dots, tap on that and select “Convert to Reel”. 

Once done, you can add audio if you like, write the caption and just share it. It is so simple. 

#2: Multiple images

Put out carousel images and upload them as a Reel. Add audio effects or texts to make it more interesting.

#3: Multiple videos

If you have a podcast and have been posting audiograms on your carousel or stories, you can create that into a Reel. Just open up the Reel feature and upload all of the audiograms. Make sure to resize them into the vertical size of the Reel dimensions. Put in text and call to action that you would like to have. 

You can also try creating videos with a meme and put them together with another relevant video to create one Reel. 

#4: Static images

Quotes on Instagram are very popular posts but the reach for that has dropped because Reels, especially video type of content are taking over.

Be creative by creating a quote and turning that into a Reel. Upload the static image of the quote and read out the quote itself. You can also create a typewriter-style video of the quotes or use third-party apps to produce that. 

#5: Instagram videos

These can be long-form videos that you can cut down into bite-size content, anywhere between 30 to 60 seconds, and divide them into different parts. 

For example, if you have a video that says How To create Reels For Your Business Part 1, and then you can have another one on how to create reels for your business part 2, 3, and so forth. 

Here are some things to bear in mind when you are repurposing content:

  • Select evergreen content. For example, you have a piece of content that says 5 Proven Ways To Grow On Reels VS The Latest Instagram Updates. The update could be out of date so it’s not something that you want to recycle and repost again. Anything that is trending will not work well when it comes to repurposing the content.

  • Another thing that you can do is to spruce up the caption where you can add CTAs that are in line with your current goals and objectives. Update the caption when needed, especially the call to action. 

There you have it 5 easy ways to repurpose your Instagram content into short-form videos.

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