5 Actionable Tips To Boost Engagement

It’s 2020 already and you still can’t seem to figure out why your engagement on Instagram is not picking up. I get you!



I’ve been there too. But the question is – are you just going to give up and tell yourself this is never going to work or are you going to keep learning new strategies until you hit the bull’s eye?



If you’ve chosen the second option then read on as I share with you 5 Actionable Tips To Boost Engagement.


1️⃣ Location Tags 



When you look for products or services locally, what do you usually do? You specify the location, right? This applies to Instagram too – many users are looking and searching for local businesses.



So, if you add your location for every post you make, you’re more likely to reach audiences near you or audiences searching through hashtags around the area.



Statistics show that when tagging a location, there is a 79% higher engagement among users. Simple yet powerful action.


2️⃣ Hashtags



Instagram revolves around hashtags and if you are careful in choosing the hashtags for your posts, your engagement will most likely improve. You can always choose to utilise all 30 of them but be sure to only use relevant ones of different sizes.



The aim is that you want to appear in the top nine of the hashtags explore feed so it’s best to come up with those that represent your posts very well.



TIP: Don’t forget to include them in your stories!


3️⃣ Include a CTA (Call-To-Action) at the end of every post



Remember that your goal is for your audience to engage with you and adding a CTA will get your tribe to connect and interact. But of course, it’s not just any CTA – you need a strong one that will convince your audience to act on it immediately. It should be something that will motivate them to engage.



CTA Examples:

  • Click the link in bio now
  • Swipe up now
  • Comment below “YES” if your resonate with this



TIP: Remember that no one will do anything if you don’t tell them exactly what you want them to do.



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4️⃣ Comment on posts


Just like the old saying goes ‘Do to others what you want others to do unto you’. If you want people to comment on your posts, you should also make an effort to do the same!



And not just commenting for the sake of commenting, you have to engage with people like you would normally do in real life.



Engage genuinely. Look for your ideal clients and comment on their posts with meaningful comments or your thoughts.



TIP: Don’t comment with a sentence of emojis. Genuinely comment with at least more than 5 words.


5️⃣ Utilise all of the engagement features provided



Instagram features are there for a reason and the algorithm will love you if you’re making use of all of them! Instagram Stories’ features such as stickers, polls, question, mentions, countdown timer and quiz are great ways to engage with your audience.



People love to share their thoughts and opinions and if you’re giving them a chance to speak out – they will for sure interact with you.



Also, people appreciate it if they are mentioned in stories as they feel valued and given importance. Always remember to inject some fun into your business and be the authentic you!



Are you now ready to boost your engagement? Comment “YES” now and share the first thing you will be doing to boost your engagement.



P.S. : I'm going to launching a podcast! A place where I share all things social media, entrepreneurship and mindset that includes actionable tips and strategies for new business owners. Stay tuned for the launch announcement. DM and let me know what topics you would like me to cover.

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