4 Things I Learnt As An Entrepreneur

The journey of an entrepreneur is not always all rainbows and butterflies. It requires grit and passion to keep going.



Since graduating from university, I’ve gone on an entrepreneurial journey and have learnt MANY things along the way I would love to share with you.



Here are 4 things I learnt as an entrepreneur:






Mindset is extremely important. It is one of the most important things that I’ve failed to understand or work at the start of building my business.



Keep learning no matter at what stage you are at your business or age. Adopt a growth mindset because this will help you improve in your business. One of the traits of successful entrepreneurs is that they keep learning.



Don’t have a fixed mindset, a “know-it-all” attitude because you and your business can’t grow and scale.






Looking back, the one thing that I should have invested in was to brand myself. I hid behind the curtains, not wanting anyone to know who I was when I had the beauty salon business.



I wanted to stay low-key mainly because I didn’t want to have to deal with customers asking for a discount all the time or even being interviewed for magazines and write-ups. In hindsight, it would have been a great way to strengthen my negotiation and sales skills.



And because I learnt so much about personal branding, I’ve done the opposite and it has been a great journey since. If you don’t talk about what you do, no one will know what you do.



I stepped out of my comfort zone and got onto the social platforms sharing my knowledge and journey – An Instagram and business coach.



So, brand yourself. Shout it from the rooftops to let people know who you are. Showcase your ability because that will in turn build the trust with your audiences. Be you and most importantly, be unapologetically you. Share your ups and downs. Tell your story.






Don’t be so fixated on things being black and white. Nothing remains static. It’s fluid and we need to adjust accordingly. This not only happens in business but in relationships as well. Figure out what works for you to adapt according to the situation. Especially in current times, we need to be able to adapt and pivot.






Fail as many times as you can and fail FASTER. Stop looking at things black and white. Think about what you can do to get stability.



In the past, I was so afraid of failing. I come from a background that failure is shun upon. I wouldn’t tell anyone about my failed ventures after selling the beauty business.



But now, I can proudly tell you I’ve failed in at least 5 different businesses (not that I’m keeping tabs but being able to openly share because I’m now fearless of failure) before I got to where I am today.



That does not make me a failure, instead I’ve gained so much more wisdom and learnings that I can share with you.



Keep doing what you are great at and don’t give up on dreams. Get clear on WHY you started what you do in the first place. You are in control of your own destiny!



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