3 Ways To Boost Your Engagement On Instagram

One of the topics that are always being talked about is engagement. We have to really understand why we want to increase engagement. Instagram’s focus is purely and solely on relationships. When it comes to relationships, engagement comes with it.



We need to bear in mind that engagement is very important if we want to see growth in our accounts because, with engagement, you get more visibility. When we start to really engage with our ideal clients, Instagram will then see that your account is active, and it’s also bringing value to everyone.



Increasing your engagement on Instagram will give you the organic traffic that you have always wanted. How do we actually boost engagement on our accounts?



The first thing that I would recommend is that you include a CTE. What is CTE? You’ve been seeing all over the place that everybody says, “put in a CTA, put in a CTA”.



A CTA is a Call-To-Action, which is almost the same as a CTE – Call-To-Engagement. What a call to action is getting your audience to do something but we want to dive in deeper and get them to do what we want them to do, which is to engage. So, we put in a call to engagement.



One of the examples that I’m going to share with you is we can include at the end of your posts and say, share your thoughts below, or drop your favourite emoji if you agree with this.



You have to bear in mind to keep this as simple as possible and get them to do the simplest possible step ever.



Another way is to get them to answer yes or no questions or you can add your post with, are you ready for this? If they say no, you can actually ask them the reason why they feel that way and continue your conversation in the direct message.



Instagram is like a big brother, they are looking at all of the accounts. When they see that your account is actually interacting and engaging with your audiences, they will actually reward you with more organic traffic.



Keep on engaging, and keep on including CTAs in most of your posts because we like to see new and fresh things. If all of your posts have the same content, your audience may find it a little bit boring, and it may start to get you too much work. They may stop seeing your content or might just unfollow you. Always remember, with a CTE, keep it as simple as possible.



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The second way to boost your engagement is to actually comment on other people’s posts. Engagement goes both ways, you can’t expect your audience to only comment on yours because you don’t get the same back. Engagement online is almost the same as engagement offline.



If you go to a networking event or a party, you don’t just have the conversation alone, you have the conversation together with another person and both of you are going back and forth and talking to each other and that’s the same thing that happens on Instagram. If you want people to interact and engage with you, you should do the same thing.



Other than commenting on other people’s posts, you should also reply to all of your comments. If somebody is going to say, “Hey! Thank you for sharing your story. It really resonated with me. I’m so inspired to go and start whatever it is I have to do today”. You can reply with something so meaningful and personal that touches the heart of your audience.



Since you are building the relationship and trust, please remember not to come in a sentence of emojis because it shows lack of interest and just want to get some engagement going.



However, you can reply with a meaningful comment, and include some emojis showing your emotions. The purpose of emojis is to not overuse it.



The third way on how to boost your engagement is to use all of the engagement features that Instagram has already provided you with. When I say Instagram features, I’m mainly referring to the Instagram stories where they have all of the engagement features available to you for free.



It’s a very interactive platform where you can engage with your audience. Some of the engagement features that you can use in your Instagram Stories are the question sticker, quiz, poll, emoji slider.



With Instagram rolling out more engagement sort of features, you can tell that they are focusing purely on relationship building. If you are not yet on Instagram stories and you’re or you’re just not comfortable being on video, you can simply use the Create mode, which is just text to interact with your audience.



But I do encourage you to try and put on some videos because your audience would love to see the real you, they would love to interact with a human and the voice behind the brand. Get up and start using Instagram stories because it is one of the best features of Instagram to get your engagement going.



There you have it! Go ahead and take massive action by doing all of the recommended ways that can boost your engagement on Instagram. Once you have done all of these, let me know how it went for you.



Just DM me on Instagram and we can chat about all of the great things that have been happening for you since you have implemented the three ways to boost your engagement on Instagram.



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