3 Reasons Why You Need To Keep Showing Up

You’ve been following your favourite mentors or people in your niche on Instagram. You see the big following. Everyone is blowing up on Instagram with their services being a sell out every time they announce it.



And yet you wonder why aren’t you experiencing the same.



The #1 secret is…



They keep showing up!



I understand that sometimes you might feel discouraged because you have been showing up but you’re not seeing the desired results and feel nothing is working at all.



Well, you need to trust in the process and give it time.



Allow me to share with you 3 reasons why you need to KEEP SHOWING UP on your social media





To be top of mind is to be consistent with your content on Instagram (even if you are on a holiday).



If people don’t see or hear from you, they won’t remember you at all. As the saying goes…



Out of sight, Out of mind”.



You may not see be getting any DMs regarding your offers and services now but once they are ready to invest in what you have to offer, you will be top of their mind.



If you’re planning to go on a holiday, you can still show up consistently. Schedule posts for the feed, hop onto stories and go live (even if it is for 3 mins).



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The truth about the algorithm. It rewards accounts that are consistent, engaging and relevant.



So if you keep the content going, the algorithm will recognise you as an active user and show your posts to your ideal clients more often.



Then, people will start seeing your posts and will like your content, engage with it and eventually follow you because they resonate with your content.



This does not mean that you need to upload a photo or a video every single day onto your feed. You can always hop onto stories or even schedule an IGTV!



Stories get great engagement with the help of CTA features such as polls, questions, stickers and others.



Remember…The algorithm is not working against you.



It is working with you to help you put out your content to the relevant audience.






People love to follow those who they can relate to. So, loosen up and show the human side of you and remember to have fun!



You can show behind the scenes or how you spend your weekends. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable because that shows the human side of you!



Why do you think reality shows are enjoyed by so many people? That’s because they are raw and show the authentic side of an individual. Think “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”!



Allow your audience to connect and know you on a deeper and personal level.



I hope you found the value from this article and have given you enough reasons to keep showing up!



I challenge you to show up on your IG stories for the next 90 days daily with behind-the-scenes of your business, your daily routine, tips, mini trainings, wins, a bad day or even shimmy if you must.



Start getting creative!



Are you up for this? Let me know if that’s a HECK YES in the comments below.



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