3 Reasons Why Instagram Stories Is A Powerful Tool For Your Business Now

We are in unprecedented times but this does not stop you from shining your light. This is not the time to go quiet but instead serve your community and stay connected.



Did you know….?



➡️ The latest stats (as of writing this now), IG has seen an increase in usage of 40%!

➡️ “A report from influencer marketing platform Klea says that users posted 6.1 Instagram Stories per day, on average, an increase of 15% week-over-week. 

➡️ Stories’ views have also increased by 21% during this time 

➡️  Instagram live views doubled in a week’s time.



Given these numbers, now more than ever is the best time to make use of Instagram Stories to grow your business!



Here are 3 Reasons Why Instagram Stories Is A Powerful Tool For Your Business Now:






The more people see you on stories, the more you build solid relationships with your audiences leading to an increased trust factor. Knowing that more people are on their screens now, you have to keep showing up consistently!



Allow them to get a sneak preview of your day-to-day activities. You can even share ideas on how to stay productive amidst quarantine. Make your stories entertaining, inspirational and educational!



Keep that personal brand going. You’ve got the extra time to prepare your stories’ content and get creatively engaging.



This is your chance to create quality content on stories’ and have a higher number of views and reach.



Share business tips during these uncertain times and be an authority in your niche. This is your moment to shine, lead and support!



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With most countries with lockdown in place, now more than ever human connection is needed and this can be shown through stories especially with videos.



This is the best time to communicate and connect with your audience. Since people can’t physically interact given the current situation, they look for videos to remind them that humanity still exists!



Go live! Especially now that Instagram is considering an option to add more than one guest into an Instagram Live Stream, which means more people will tune in! 



Make use of your stories to know your audience more. Ask questions, create polls and build relationships through the DMs.



More than the business aspect, it is also good to create your online community today through stories. Get quality conversations going with your followers and support them during these times.



Encourage fun and be interactive (especially during a gloomy time like now). People will be looking for fun and entertaining content for distraction. You can add music, dance or even sing!



Promote a friendly and positive atmosphere on your stories and be a source of strength and positivity for your audience.



Here are some more ideas to get you going:

  • Host a Q&A (probably once a week)
  • Give hints about your upcoming offer (this is great way to subtly sell your offer without being too salesy)
  • Show the new normal for you (given that you’re quarantined), your daily routine
  • Share your hobbies and passion. If you love cooking, show them how you prepare a simple meal (or even a recipe to boost your immunity if your have one)





When we all come out of this situation, you will be on top of your audiences’ mind. And because you have created the trust and build the rapport during tough times, your sales will flow in with ease when you have something to offer in the future.





Remember that this global situation is actually giving you the time to get social on social media! Your audience wants to hear what you have to say. So keep leading and supporting in every way you can!




👉 Post 1 to 7 stories throughout the day with a mixture of images, videos and add in a form of engagement using the poll, ask a question or anything that is relevant to your story.

👉 Tag me @kellytalkssocial . I would love to get to know you!




If there’s anything I can do to help, please reach out and send me a direct message. For now, keep being SUPER in life and in business!



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